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Welcome health, energy, focus, and intention back into your life! 

Are you overworked, exhausted, unfit, anxious, unhealthy, and unhappy? 


Searching for external answers to your internal challenges;  finding comfort in food, alcohol, shopping, and Netflix?

Ready for a change, but aren’t even sure what that means or how to get there?

Are you caught up in negative thoughts?

  • “I’ll never be good/thin/smart/pretty enough”

  • “There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things I need to do”

  • “I don’t have the time/energy/resources to be healthy”

Or maybe it’s…. “I’m fine. Not happy or unhappy, just... fine”. 

You know that you are capable of SO MUCH MORE! 

You simply forgot to look inward

That’s where the Good Stuff is. 

Let’s do it together. 

The following is included in this complete 30 Day Wellbeing Transformation designed to bring deep awareness to your current habits, harness your intrinsic motivation, and ignite the power of change:

  • Welcome Packet outlining your 30 Day Wellbeing Transformation; including the Three Pillars of Lasting Health and Wellbeing and how you can immediately apply them to your life to experience radical change

  • Insider Access to the 30 Day Transformation Private Website loaded with videos, resources, and tools to support you on your journey

  • A series of 5 videos uniquely crafted to guide you through the incredible power of mindset shifts, the fundamentals of lasting habit change, and exactly how to apply the Three Pillars of Lasting Health and Wellbeing to your everyday life​

    • PLUS!! 4 Bonus videos that dig down deep into the mindsets that created your current results, and how to view your life from a different perspective to get the results you really want

  • Helpful and actionable health, wellbeing and lifestyle tips sent right to your inbox 

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Frost’s popular blog, Healthy Mindset Living, with all the health, lifestyle and wellbeing topics that matter to you

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Frost’s Yoga Break videos - all under 20 minutes so you can always find time for movement in your day

  • Direct email access to Dr. Frost with questions, concerns and comments; I’m here to support, encourage and hold you accountable on your journey

  • Plus so much more! 

  • + + Option to add a 40 minute laser-focused Personal Strategy Session with Dr. Frost to receive empowering, thoughtful guidance and a focused plan for how you can move forward with intention and clarity - this is The Game Changer!! 

At the end of these 30 days, you will:

  • Welcome deeper happiness, vitality, and increased energy into your life

  • Cultivate a healthier relationship with food, your body, and your mind

  • Understand what’s really driving your results - Hint! It’s probably not what you think 

  • Successfully apply the 3 Secrets to Lasting Change to your everyday life

  • Recognize that the challenges we face are shared; we are never alone

  • Create practical and effective strategies to handle these challenges

  • Learn how, and then practice, honoring your commitments to yourself 

  • Build up those motivation muscles!

  • Empower yourself for continued progress beyond these 30 days! 


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Complimentary Discovery Call w/ Dr. Frost

Let's discuss how you want your life to look and feel, and learn how Simple Mindset Shifts + the Three Pillars for Lasting Health & Wellbeing can immediately - and positively - impact your life!

A lot can change in 20 minutes! 

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