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Awareness to Action (3 month plan) 

Transform the Seeds of Awareness to Focused Action in just 90 days! 

What is it that prevents us from taking action?

Applying for the new role at work, trying something new, finally getting off the couch, or asking a new friend to lunch. 

We don’t move forward because we are scared, confused, lacking in direction, and held back by limiting thoughts and beliefs.

I’m too old, too young, too overweight… I’m not smart, pretty, qualified enough…. I can’t make it work because of xyz.

We have a million excuses why we can’t do ‘the thing’. 

And so we talk ourselves out of it.

Effectively proving to ourselves that we were right, we can’t do it….

What if instead we took the chance? 

What if we risked looking silly, feeling embarrassed, being vulnerable, or being wrong… and just went for it?

Would it turn out amazing 100% of the time? Of course not. 

But consider what you would learn along the way.

You would prove to yourself that: 

  • You’re someone who takes a chance - even when it’s scary

  • You’re resilient and determined

  • Your life will not be dictated by fear

  • You will not remain stagnant

  • You can feel discomfort, and you can do it anyway 

  • You are here for BIG thing

Create evidence for the person you want to be.

The person who does ‘the thing’ even though your heart is beating out of your chest. Even though it’s scary. Even though everyone won’t agree.

Say NO to overthinking, self-doubt and indecision, and YES to taking focused, thoughtful, and intentional action.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit” - Conrad Hilton

What could you create in 3 months time?

The following is included in this Comprehensive 90 Day Awareness to Action program designed to help you create and follow through on goals and lifestyle changes that have eluded you in the past.

  • Welcome Packet outlining our 90 days together

  • Insider Access to the Action to Awareness Private Website loaded with videos, resources, tools and a community chat function to support you on your journey

  • Full access to the 30 Day Wellbeing Transformation 

    • Insider Access to the 30 Day Transformation Private Website loaded with videos, resources, tools and a community chat function to support you on your journey

    • A series of 5 videos uniquely created to guide you through the incredible power of mindset shifts, the fundamentals of lasting habit change, and how to apply the Three Pillars of Lasting Health and Wellbeing to your everyday life

      • PLUS!! 4 Bonus videos that dig down deep into the mindsets that created your current results, and how to view your life from a different perspective to get the results you really want

  • TWENTY in-depth, instructional videos designed to take you from Mindful Awareness to Dedicated Action in whatever it is you’re working on; adding more exercise to your life, going for that new job, returning to school, healing a relationship, or finding your passion - you got this.

    • Healthy Foundations: Learn and immediately be able to apply the Three Pillars of Lasting Health and Wellbeing to your life

    • Build Awareness: figure out where you are, and where you want to go 

    • Take Action: Secrets of Lasting Change, Motivation Mentality, Taking the Next Best Step and so much more! 

  • Six 30 min Personal Strategy Sessions with Dr. Frost (2x/month) so we can dive deep into what’s really been holding you back (HINT! It’s probably not what you think….), and create a detailed plan to propel you forward with transformative mindset and lifestyle shifts

    • This is The Game Changer; it’s laser-focused and action oriented

  • Worksheets and planners to support your transformation 

  • Helpful and actionable health, wellbeing and lifestyle tips sent right to your inbox 

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Frost’s popular blog, Healthy Mindset Living

  • Full access to Dr. Frost’s Yoga Break videos - all under 20 minutes so you can always find time for movement in your day

  • Exclusive email and text support from Dr. Frost as your accountability partner as you encounter inevitable self-doubt, questions and concerns

  • + + Two BONUS Videos! Your Superpower in a Sentence and How to think about time so you have more of it

At the end of these 90 days, you will:

  • Welcome deep happiness, strength, focus, and intentional action into your life - simple mindset shifts have BIG impact

  • Examine your current thoughts, behaviors and results with a fresh perspective 

  • Get out of the All or Nothing and Should mentality that has been holding you back.

  • Understand the Three Pillars for Lasting Health and Wellbeing, and implement successful strategies to optimize how they show up in your life

  • Figure out exactly where you are and precisely where you want to go - This is KEY; When you know where you’re going, it’s so much easier to get there…. 

  • Access your own powerful intrinsic motivation by identifying ‘your why’ 

  • Determine what success looks like for you; create detailed strategies and BIG action to achieve them

  • Learn the 5 simple steps to starting any new practice

  • Build your motivation muscles

  • Practice using the super effective Next Best Step Rule

  • Bring on the calm! Practice techniques to handle stress, anxiety, and discomfort (breathwork, yoga poses, visualizations, meditations etc…).

  • Connect deeply to your own intuition (it’s there, I promise!) and let it guide you, not external forces.

  • Energize yourself for continued progress beyond these 90 days  

  • Plus so much more! 

I’m with you every step of the way. 


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Complimentary Discovery Call w/ Dr. Frost

Let's discuss how you want your life to look and feel, and learn how Simple Mindset Shifts + the Three Pillars for Lasting Health & Wellbeing can immediately - and positively - impact your life!

A lot can change in 20 minutes! 

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