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10 Simple Ways to Care for Yourself from Inside Out

Read on for 10 Simple Ways to Care for Yourself from the Inside Out

These straightforward shifts have the power to transform your life

✨ I N S P I R E

"Taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first, it means me too"

-L. R. Knost

✨ R E F L E C T

When life gets busy, taking care of ourselves is often the first thing to go

But it doesn't need to be

Take a step toward yourself with these simple and effective practices to bring awareness, compassion, and ease into your life

✨ T H R I V E

10 Simple Ways to Care for Yourself from the Inside Out

(#4 is a Game Changer!)

1 --> Increase self-awareness

--Try journaling, meditating, breathing practices or sitting quietly

2 --> Practice self-compassion

--Speak to yourself like you would a dear friend or small child

3 --> Define what 'healthy' looks like for you

--Create daily habits that get you there (movement, thoughtful nutrition, connect in before you connect out)

4 --> Reduce screen time (phone down!)

--Be present for your life

5 --> Be mindful of the things you consume

--Food, drinks, social media, the news

6 --> Set and communicate meaningful boundaries

--Include the word 'no' often

--Try it... it is FREEDOM in 2 letters 💃

7 --> Prioritize quality time with your people

--Include YOURSELF here

8 --> Spend time outdoors daily

--Get your Vitamin D

9 --> Schedule regular check-ups

--Bring a friend if you're nervous

10 --> Challenge and redefine limiting self-beliefs

--You get to choose your story ✨

PS ~ What would you add?

With all the love,



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