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Elevate Your Next Vacay With This Simple Tip ☀️

My family and I are headed to LBI next week for our annual Jersey Shore beach vacation.

You too might be taking a trip with family, going away for a long weekend with friends, taking a much needed 'sick day', or maybe it's a staycation with your cat - I don't know...

Either way, you get an opportunity to make your time off really count - in whatever way you need it to.

To make it feel good for you in that moment; to make it as restorative, adventurous, peaceful, connected, or solitary as you like.

One way to do this, is to be intentional about it - as in, set an intention for your trip.

I know we talk a LOT about intention here, and we do that because it is SO important.

I almost can't overstate it enough.


"Your intentions attract your reality."

- Wayne Dyer


Could you go on your next trip without having any intention or focus on what felt important?


Would you likely have a good time and enjoy yourself?


But when you set an intention - for a trip, for the day, for the weekend, for your life -something interesting happens....

Your brain goes to work seeking out all the ways that you're creating that intention. And then you find fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction because you're getting more of what you really needed from the experience.

All because you took two minutes to find out what you needed in the first place.


So, what does that look like for your next vacation, day off, or weekend?


Last year, the intention for our LBI trip was a single word, 'harmony'.

Actual footage of me creating tons of harmony from the passenger seat ;)

We all (mostly me) talked about it regularly. As you might imagine, a LOT of reminding was required on this one.

But honestly it was so great because it acted as a Guiding Principle for the whole vacation:

  • Is pulling your sister's hair creating harmony?

  • Is your refusal to put on sunscreen, get your clothes off the floor, take a shower, brush your teeth, share anything, get along with anyone for more than 3 minutes.... adding to the harmony on this trip?

  • Is your incessant whining leading to more or less harmony in this restaurant?

  • How can we create more harmony in our day today?

  • And to myself.... How is my yelling affecting the harmony in this family right now? 😬


Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others make choices for us

- Richie Norton


So, get clear on what's important, BEFORE you even go.

  • What feels important for you?

  • Who will you be with - how might that inform what you want from this trip?

  • What do you want to experience, see, do?

  • Is this trip about R&R, or high stakes adventuring (is that even a phrase that someone who actually does 'high stakes adventuring types of things' would use?)

Discuss your thoughts with any other people you'll be with - especially children.... and/or husbands 😉

You can all come up with a phrase, word, chant, symbol, handshake etc.... that connects you to a shared vision.

Or maybe you each have your own, great. Do what works for your crew.

Some options:

  • Harmony - not for the faint of heart!

  • Adventure awaits

  • Relax and unwind

  • Reconnect deeply

  • Create inner peace

  • Explore & discover

  • Create lasting memories

  • Serenity in solitude

  • Cherish moments together

  • Soak up the sun

  • Unplug and recharge

  • Radiate positivity

  • Seek joy

And then when the predictable (and unpredictable!) challenges inevitably come along:

  • The kids are hungry, and the food is.... 'weird'

  • The mattress is decidedly not doing wonders for your back

  • It rains for 4 days straight

  • Any semblance of your positive routines went out the window the minute you stepped on the plane

  • Your phone goes dead and you have no idea how to get home without Waze

  • The flight is canceled, or the train is delayed, or the tickets didn't come through for the show

You'll have a phrase at the ready to remind you what's really important.


My LBI intention is still a work in progress, but it definitely involves connection, presence, activity, relaxation, and.... spicy margaritas ;)

Have a beautiful week friends 🌷




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