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Embracing Body Neutrality

As the temperature rises, so often do our insecurities regarding our bodies.

Summer has a fun way of bringing out our deepest inner negativity, critical self-talk, and body image issues with it. Yay summer 🤗

Let's try something different this year.

Instead of getting caught up in societal pressures and unrealistic beauty standards, what if instead you embraced all the incredible things your body is capable of?

Body neutrality is a mindset that encourages you to value and appreciate your body for what it can DO, rather than solely focusing on how it LOOKS.

You are SO MUCH more than the extra weight in your tummy, your cellulite, the jiggle in your thighs, and the wiggle under your arms.

Among many other skills, your body can:

  • Heal yourself when you are sick

  • Dance, move, jump, kick, hop, run, walk, explore

  • Provide ultimate comfort in the form of a hug

  • Sleep and rejuvenate

  • Learn new skills

  • Recover from injury

  • Kiss a boo boo and somehow make it magically better

  • Perform involuntary actions that keep you alive such as breathing

  • And hello... for some, it can create actual LIFE

Body neutrality doesn't insist that you love the parts of your body that aren't what you wish (that feels disingenuous and so it often backfires), instead it encourages you to focus on all the other amazing things your body does.

Here are some ways to practice body neutrality:

  • Simply notice when your body is capable of something that requires strength, skill, flexibility, or practice

    • Bonus: Say it out loud to yourself - even if you feel silly

    • Bonus x 1000: Say it out loud in front of your children - daughters in particular!

  • Embrace self-compassion: Talk to yourself (especially during those challenging moments) like you would talk to a dear friend or a small child

  • Surround yourself with people, images, and social media accounts that help you feel good about yourself

  • Read up on the Toxicity of Diet Culture - make one small change based on what you learn

  • Be mindful of the language you use when you talk about your body - this is HUGE!

  • Practice gratitude for all the incredible things your body can do

  • Focus on self-care practices that nurture your mind, body, and soul

  • Work to accept that your body will naturally change through different life stages

Give yourself time and grace as you work to incorporate some of these practices into your life.

Start small with one and go from there.

Small gains = Big wins.

And don't forget to read this Insight Post, The Way You Talk to Yourself Matters.

It’s not what we say out loud that really determines our lives. It’s what we whisper to ourselves that has the most power”.

You get to choose what that whisper says ✨

With love,


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