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Imagine living a life where your days are  filled with purpose, joy, and ease.

These Lifestyle Design services are crafted to help you achieve your personal and professional goals, offering clarity and transformation.


Whether you're seeking a quick boost or a comprehensive overhaul, I offer the guidance and support to create *lasting* change.

"Carolyn's insights were eye-opening. She helped me realize that balance isn't about dividing time equally, but integrating in a way that works for me. I've seen a dramatic improvement in my productivity and overall happiness."
— E.J.

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to wake up feeling…


Energized and Vibrant

  • Physical Vitality: Wake up strong and alive with tailored exercise, nutrition, and rest.

  • Revitalizing Self-Care: Start refreshed and stress-free through personalized self-care routines.


Focused and Driven

  • Empowered Mindset: Embrace each morning with a positive, goal-oriented mindset.

  • Purposeful Planning: Feel clarity and excitement knowing your daily goals.


Confident and Empowered

  • Unshakeable Confidence: Rise with self-assurance to tackle any challenge.

  • Emotional Resilience: Experience peace and strength from balanced emotions.

With my guidance and support, it’s well within your reach. Here’s how to get there:

QuickStart Lifestyle Design Session

1 x 60 min

This 60-minute session provides immediate clarity and direction for your professional and lifestyle goals with a specific focus on Work-Life Integration.

Perfect for those seeking a quick yet high-impact boost to their personal and professional life.


  • Immediate Clarity: thoughtful insights into your current lifestyle and identify key areas for improvement

  • Actionable Goals: Set specific, achievable goals to kickstart your lifestyle transformation

  • Practical Strategies: Tailored strategies to implement immediately


Value Add-Ons:

  • Session Recording: Full access to a video recording of our session

  • Personalized Action Plan: A detailed, written plan with actionable steps

  • Resource Kit: Recommendations for books, apps, and tools to support your goals


Book your QuickStart Lifestyle Design Session or Contact Me with any questions. 


"I was constantly exhausted and felt like I had no time for myself. In 60 minutes, Carolyn helped me set up a routine with self-care, time-management, and boundaries.  I am finally moving forward in my life." — Krissy D.



Comprehensive Lifestyle Design Series

3 x 60 min 

Over the course of three 60-minute sessions, we'll dive deeper into your lifestyle and goals. 

With continued guidance and support, you'll establish a solid foundation for long-term success and well-being.


  • In-Depth Analysis: Conduct a thorough assessment of your lifestyle across multiple sessions.

  • Goal Refinement: Refine and expand on your initial goals with continued guidance.

  • Sustainable Habits: Develop sustainable habits and routines for lasting change.


Value Add-Ons:

  • All QuickStart Add-Ons: Session recordings, personalized action plan, resource list

  • Progress Tracking: Tools and templates for tracking your progress

  • Email Support: Ongoing email support between sessions for additional guidance


Book your Comprehensive Lifestyle Design Series or Contact Me with any questions.

 "Carolyn's actionable strategies helped me manage my overwhelming workload and reduce my stress levels significantly."
— Brian J.


Lifestyle Design Mastery Program

18 x 45 min

This 6 month program (12-sessions, 45 minutes each), offers an extensive and transformative approach to lifestyle design. 



  • Comprehensive Enhancement: Transform and elevate your lifestyle with consistent support

  • Deep Habit Formation: Form and solidify deep, lasting habits utilizing science backed methodologies

  • Enhanced Well-Being: Experience significant improvements in all areas of well-being, including health, work-life integration, and personal growth


Value Add-Ons:

  • All Comprehensive Series Add-Ons: Progress tracking, email support

  • Monthly Check-Ins: Monthly progress reviews to ensure continuous improvement

  • Exclusive Resources: First access to exclusive webinars and workshops


Book your Lifestyle Design Mastery Program, or Contact Me with any questions.

andrew-neel-QLqNalPe0RA-unsplash (1)_edi

 "I used to feel constantly overwhelmed by the demands of my job and family. Carolyn's supportive approach and straight-forward strategies transformed my life. Now, I feel in control. And not guilty all the time... It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."
— Kristin M.

jeremy-allouche-eTl9T5pw1OM-unsplash (2)_edited.jpg


Total Lifestyle Transformation Experience

36 x 45 min

Spanning 12 months, (24 sessions of 45 minutes each), this program is the ultimate in personal transformation. 

You'll receive intensive support to establish lifetime habits that promote sustained success and well-being. 



  • Ultimate Transformation: Achieve the highest level of personal transformation and mastery

  • Lifetime Habits: Establish habits that will sustain long-term success and well-being

  • Personal Excellence: Reach your full potential - and then know you can still grow - in both personal and professional life


Value Add-Ons:

  • All Mastery Program Add-Ons: Custom workbook, monthly check-ins, exclusive resources

  • VIP Access: Priority scheduling and VIP access to events and resources

  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Audit: A detailed audit of your lifestyle with a personalized report


Book your Total Lifestyle Transformation Experience or Contact Me with any questions.

Satisfaction Guarantee: 

I am dedicated to ensuring you have a valuable and enriching experience. If you are not completely satisfied with your session, please let me know within 3 days.

I will offer a full refund or a complimentary follow-up session to address your concerns. Your satisfaction and personal growth are my absolute priorities.

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