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Carolyn has an amazing arsenal of tools and ideas to help you become aware of your inner dialogue and patterns, identify goals, and make positive adjustments in your life.  She is gentle, caring, generous, and fun. Working with Carolyn is like talking to a dear friend who just happens to be very knowledgeable in how to help you better yourself.

- R. H.

Participating in Carolyn's 30 day health and wellness program in January was a great decision. 


In fact, I chose to continue for an additional 3 months!


Carolyn is very down to earth and really tries to hear what you want to work on and offers clear tips and strategies.  She also shares her own experiences and perspectives which makes the conversations more genuine. 


I have gained a better understanding of my relationship with food and my body and am so grateful.  


I would highly recommend working with Carolyn on anything related to health and wellness!

- E.C

The 30 Day Wellness Program was just the program I needed to help jump-start 2021. 


The material was well researched, yet not daunting.


The one-on-one session with Carolyn was amazing.


She helped me establish goals that were attainable and was always warm and inviting.

- J.C.

Carolyn is a wonderful, empowering coach! 


Carolyn's approach incorporating one on one sessions, group sessions, email updates, and writing & food journals gave me multiple options to stay connected and not get overwhelmed by the work. 


Carolyn was always available either via email, text, or zoom, and her positive and KIND approach to the work made it easy to open up and be honest around my needs and shortcomings. 


I highly recommend Carolyn!

-C. R

I wanted so badly to make some changes in my life; Listen to myself, be curious, not judge, work with my thoughts in a more positive way, learn not to get stuck on the negative, let it go. 

Carolyn is an amazing health coach through her very supportive approach she is teaching me that only I can make the changes that I want to make and to be kind to myself in the process. 

Our conversations have been so inspiring, introspective, and positive. It has given me an opportunity to look at my life with a new mindful approach.


I am enjoying learning to work through my day in a more mindful way it's an ongoing process.


- E. J.

I really want to thank you so much for helping remove a huge obstacle from my life!


It has been an amazing shift to realize that I can trust myself and will be just fine, rather than listening to all the apps and diet culture.


I now have so much more time and energy to focus on the things that are truly important to me - rather than just thinking about calories. 


I  can't thank you enough! 

- K.R.

"Since participating in the wellness transformation program I’ve created new habits that are already working better.  I’ve learned to honor the commitments I make to myself, whether its getting up early to take a walk or practice yoga 3-4 times a week.


I show up for myself and this has helped me manage my anxiety and stress." 


Carolyn helped me hold a mirror to my thoughts and actions so I could clearly see how they were negatively impacting me.


This has transformed the way I interact with myself and others around me, and has allowed me to re-imagine my future and define my fate.


I now know, I am in control

- K.D.

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