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Work with me

5 Pack of Personal Strategy Sessions

Work one-on-one with Dr. Frost on the issues that matter most to you; in particular promoting health, positivity, self-care, and awareness as the path toward living and truly loving your life! 

I specialize in guiding and supporting women through transitionary times such as:

  • Healing relationships with food, alcohol, dieting and body image

  • Going (back!) to college 

  • Navigating newly married life

  • Having children and raising a family

  • Children now in school which creates space to explore what you really want in life

  • Switching careers and/or re-entering the workforce 

  • Relationship shifts

  • Ready for what’s next and aren’t quite sure what that even looks like! 

I got you covered. 

Together we will work to understand what it is you really want (this is often the hard part!) and then create detailed strategies - including those ever important mindset shifts! - and a focused plan to get you there.


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Complimentary Discovery Call w/ Dr. Frost

Let's discuss how you want your life to look and feel, and learn how Simple Mindset Shifts + the Three Pillars for Lasting Health & Wellbeing can immediately - and positively - impact your life!

A lot can change in 20 minutes! 

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