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Life on Purpose
(6 or 12 month plan)

I say YES to Presence, Connection, and the Full Spectrum of What Life has to Offer! Sign Me Up!

Identify your purpose and create a deeply connected, full, courageous, imperfectly beautiful life.

Want to live your best life, but aren’t quite sure what it could look like?

Do you find yourself drifting? 

Just going through the motions? 

Waiting for others to tell you what to do, where to go, and how to be?

Afraid to take chances because you don’t want to risk looking silly, or facing failure or rejection? 

You’ve been on that road for too long (often decades!) and yet still…. you’re not living the life you know you could be living. 

Let’s try another way.

I say YES to Presence, Connection, and the Full Spectrum of What Life has to Offer!

Align with your unique purpose. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is yet, or you find yourself asking kindergarteners what they want to be when they grow up so you can borrow their ideas.

That will come in time with awareness, thought work, mindset shifts, and a commitment to taking the Next Best Step - even when it’s a little scary. 

Cultivate awareness and clarity as you harness the power of intentional living to create deep, personal empowerment, and committed, focused action. 

You can live a life that is full of hope, happiness, awareness, discomfort, possibility, strength, struggle, insecurity, acceptance, joy, and everything in between.

A real, authentic, messy, imperfectly beautiful life.

This life is not only possible... it's yours for the taking. 

Live it on purpose.

Here’s how:

Join this High Support Mentorship Program designed to radically transform your life through incorporating effective Mindset Shifts, harnessing the power of awareness, clearly visualizing your dream life, and then taking BIG action. 

  • Welcome Packet outlining our time together 

  • Insider Access to the Life on Purpose Private Website loaded with videos, resources, tools and a community chat function to support you on your journey

  • Full access to the 30 Day Wellbeing Transformation 

    • Insider Access to the 30 Day Transformation Private Website loaded with videos, resources, tools and a community chat function to support you on your journey

    • A series of 5 videos uniquely created to guide you through the incredible power of mindset shifts, the fundamentals of lasting habit change, and exactly how to apply the Three Pillars of Lasting Health and Wellbeing in your everyday life

      • PLUS!! 4 Bonus videos that dig down deep into the mindsets that created your current results, and how to view your life from a different perspective to get the results you really want

  • Unlimited access to the 90 Day Awareness to Action Program

    • Full program + instructional videos designed to take you from Mindful Awareness to Dedicated Action in whatever it is you’re working on; adding more exercise to your life, going for that new job, returning to school, healing a relationship, or finding your passion - you got this.

  • Over THIRTY in-depth, instructional videos designed to help you align with your unique purpose and then ACT from that place of awareness, confidence and strength

    • Healthy Foundations: Including the Three Pillars of Lasting Health and Wellbeing, breathwork and basic yoga flows to help you connect inward to the wisdom that already exists within you

    • Build Awareness: figure out where you are, and where you want to go 

    • Take Action: Secrets of Lasting Change, Motivation Mentality, Taking the Next Best Step and so much more! 

    • The Good Stuff: How and why to practice gratitude, creating deep personal connection with yourself and then consciously turning that outward to others, how to effectively handle stressful and anxious moments, how to challenge your self concept, why Core Values are so important and how you can identify yours, the importance of sitting with discomfort and so much more! 

  • Weekly 30 min Personal Strategy Sessions with Dr. Frost so we can dive deep into what’s really been holding you back, and create a detailed plan to propel you forward with transformative mindset and lifestyle shifts - 100% YES!!!

  • Worksheets, planners, and printables to support your transformation 

  • Helpful and actionable health, wellbeing and lifestyle tips sent right to your inbox to support your journey

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Frost’s popular blog, Healthy Mindset Living

  • Full access to Dr. Frost’s Yoga Break videos - all under 20 minutes so you can always find time for movement in your day

  • Exclusive email and text support from Dr. Frost as your accountability partner, coach, mentor and friend

  • + BONUS! One FREE Micro Mini Session each month! 

    • One 15 min call each month designed to address insecurities, tackle doubt, and get you back on the right track toward your dream life; it’s the best way to quickly optimize your experience in the program and help you over those inevitable hurdles along the way

At the end of this program, you will:

  • Be living your life on purpose as you welcome deep happiness, strength, focus, and intentional action into your life - simple mindset shifts have BIG impact

  • Examine your thoughts, behaviors and results with a fresh perspective 

  • Get out of the All or Nothing and Should mentality that has been working against you

  • Reduce overwhelm and get back in charge of your days

  • Understand the Three Pillars for Lasting Health and Wellbeing, and implement successful strategies to optimize how they show up in your life

  • Figure out exactly where you are and precisely where you want to go - This is KEY; When you know where you’re going, it’s so much easier to get there…. 

  • Access your own powerful intrinsic motivation by identifying ‘your why’ 

  • Determine what success looks like for you; create detailed strategies and BIG action to achieve them

  • Learn the 5 simple steps to starting any new practice

  • Build your motivation muscles

  • Learn simple mindset shifts that will immediately uplevel your life 

  • Flex those positive Self-Talk skills 

  • Learn strategies to challenge your limiting beliefs and create strong, vibrant beliefs instead - YESSSS!!!! 

  • Recognize the importance of - and create time in your (busy!) schedule for - self-care (it’s not selfish, it’s a necessity!)

  • Practice using the effective Next Best Step Rule

  • Utilize effective time management to intentionally plan your day - decreasing wasted time and enhancing performance 

  • Bring on the calm! Practice techniques to handle stress, anxiety, and discomfort (breathwork, journaling, yoga poses, visualizations, meditations etc…).

  • Connect deeply to your own intuition (it’s there, I promise!) and let it guide you, not external forces

  • Empower yourself with the knowledge, confidence and skill set to implement life-altering changes

  • Energize yourself for continued progress beyond our work together

  • And so much more!! 

Let’s get super clear and focused about how you want your life to look.


Don’t let your life be chosen for you because you’re afraid…. of failure, of success, of looking foolish, or being rejected.

Let’s get super clear about how you WANT to show up and then take the Next Best Steps toward that life, rather than just allowing life to happen to you. 


"When your intention is clear, so is the way” - Alan Cohen 


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Complimentary Discovery Call w/ Dr. Frost

Let's discuss how you want your life to look and feel, and learn how Simple Mindset Shifts + the Three Pillars for Lasting Health & Wellbeing can immediately - and positively - impact your life!

A lot can change in 20 minutes! 

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