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3 Cornerstones For Lasting Well-Being

Here's a reminder about the three cornerstones to LASTING health, happiness, and growth. Yes - even when you have a full time job, when the kids are off from school.... again, when you have an injury that prevents you from doing your favorite exercise, when it's cold outside, when it's been years since you listened to your own voice over the external noise.... Even then. Start here. Make time for these three things every. single. day. Move Don't worry about how long or what you do, just move. Because it feels amazing to be alive and breathing, not as a punishment for eating that burger and fries. Nourish Eat to feed your body and soul. To thrive, and have the energy to do the things that make your heart sing. Eat a variety of healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats, and even carbohydrates (gasp!). Learn to trust your body again. Connect Connect to YOURSELF (think meditation, yoga, a single deep breath, a walk outside...) and OTHERS (a phone call, quick lunch, or put down your phone and full body listen when someone is talking to you...).

Connection is where we feel valued and heard; where empathy, compassion, and trust reside. This is so important. Don’t skip it. ** Once you bring awareness to how these three things show up in your life - change, true and lasting growth, and progress - is yours for the taking. Wondering how this could work in your life? Sign up here for a complimentary Connection Call and let's talk it out!



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