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Your Future Self is Waiting; 6 Steps to Build Your Vision

This concept is top of mind as I'm laying out plans for 2024 - hope it speaks to you too





"Never mind searching for who you are, search for who you want to be" - Robert Brault 



✨ R E F L E C T


We place a lot of emphasis on finding yourself and figuring out who you are.


I am ALL FOR creating awareness and understanding of the present, and figuring out the things that make you uniquely you.


And..... it can be easy to get caught up in the identities we create.


Sometimes we let it stop us from looking at the bigger picture, at what else is out there for us.


The identities can keep us small.


Don't forget to touch in to what your (awesome, cool, successful, amazing) Future Self has going on.


When you concentrate on the person you aspire to be, you can work towards your desired goals and actively shape your future. 

Make it a habit to practice visualizing and imagining your life from this perspective and notice what changes.



✨ T H R I V E


Create a Future Self Vision Board



Step 1: Visualize Your Future Self


Close your eyes and envision the person you want to become in the future. Consider qualities, skills, achievements etc...


Imagine how you will feel when you are living this life (happy,. proud, content, grateful...)


Let this visualization guide the next step



Step 2: Select Images and Words


Browse magazines or online images for words and pics that speak to your Future Self


Include career, personal life, relationships, hobbies etc...



Step 3: Create Your Vision Board


Touch into your creative side - even (especially!) if you feel like you don't have one


I use Canva to create mine, but you can do this on paper, a poster board etc... or use another digital tool



Step 4: Display Your Vision Board


Place your vision board where you can see it daily so your aspirations stay top of mind


I use it as my screensaver so I see it several times a day



Step 5: Take Action


Don't skip this part!


Take small daily steps towards becoming the person you want to be

Write these out for added motivation and focus



Step 6: Reflect and Adjust


Periodically review your vision board to make sure it still aligns with who you are becoming (I update mine every few months)


Track progress and adjust as needed


Don't forget to to celebrate your achievements along the way!




 R E L A T E D P O S T S



Why You Should Choose Discomfort: Discomfort is the pre-requisite to lasting change


The Miracle Question: A single question that brings clarity and all the hope of possibility to your life


Mind Mapping: A FAV way to design your future (and plan vacations, parties, business strategy, goal setting etc...). I do these several times a week.



With so much love and excitement for what lies ahead,




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