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Your Wellness Wheel: 7 Dimensions of a Balanced Life

Balance is not a final goal, but a constantly evolving process.

At the start of a new day, new week, new month or new year, there is undeniable value in checking in.

Assess where you are, and where you are going, so you can move forward with intention and purpose.

I love this Wellness Wheel exercise as a way to get a super clear visual on how you’re spending your time, so you can determine if it’s in alignment with how you see your future self.

Awareness always precedes change.


Imagine your life as a wheel created of the following 7 dimensions.

Consider what the following areas mean to you and how they show up in your life.

* Physical: The quality of your physical health. Consider how, where and when physical pains and aches show up. Being in touch with ease and space in your body. Consider any illnesses and physical limitations as well.

* Personal/Emotional: How you relate to yourself. Taking time to check in regularly. Consider your self-talk. Ability to experience a range of emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, and peace, and coping skills that help you manage and sit with discomfort.

* Social: How you relate and communicate with others. Family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances etc… Social interaction, conflict resolution, and a sense of belonging. Include online/social media interactions if it feels relevant.

* Professional/Financial: Your occupational pursuits. Include school, skills, career development and finances here. If you are not currently working, is there something you might like to do in the future?

* Spiritual: Connecting to a deeper meaning and purpose for your life. Values, personal mission, self trust, faith and morals. You can include religion here as well.

* Intellectual: Intellectual growth, creativity and lifelong learning. Academic knowledge, openness to new ideas and experiences, and cultural involvement.

* Recreational: Movement and physical activity, sports, hobbies and creative pursuits; things you do for fun. Include down time and rest here as well.

** PRO TIP! ~ Make this work for you! Cross out any areas that don’t resonate and include those that do!

Print your Wellness Wheel Worksheet HERE!




STEP 1: Think of the wheel’s outer edge as completely satisfied/fulfilled, and the center as being completely dissatisfied/unfulfilled.

STEP 2: Place a dot in each wheel segment to indicate your level of satisfaction in each area, then make a new circle by connecting the dots.

STEP 3: What do you notice? Is your new circle smooth, or very jagged? Are there areas that you would like to give more attention to? Less? Are there any changes you would like to make?

** PRO TIP!! The goal isn’t necessarily that you have a new smooth circle. If spiritual pursuits aren’t important in your life right now, it’s fine if the dot is close to the center. If your career is taking center stage and is very fulfilling, you might love to see that jagged edge.




STEP 1: For the second wheel, think of the wheel’s outer edge as where you spend the most hours and the center as where you spend the fewest.

STEP 2: Place a dot in each wheel segment to indicate your approximate time spent in a typical week, then make a new circle by connecting the dots.

STEP 3: What do you notice? Is your new circle smooth, or very jagged? Are there areas that you would like to spend more time in? Less? What changes do you want to make?

** PRO TIP!! Again, you don't need to have a second smooth circle. If you're not spending a lot of time on professional pursuits because spirituality is taking center stage, great.




Take a few minutes to look at your worksheet with curiosity and openness (not judgment!).

What comes up when you look at your wheels?

Are these two pies in alignment with each other, and do they reflect how you envision your life?

Are there small changes you can make to create more harmony?

Keep in mind, this is fluid, it’s just a snapshot in time.

It's another way to understand how you’re spending your time and get a different perspective on what feels important right now.

Tomorrow, next week, 3 months from now, your circles might look very different.

Use this as a tool to uncover information.

To understand what’s important, what you believe, what feels pressing.

It’s data that you get to file away as you continue to learn more about yourself and where you want to go in this world.

There is no right or wrong.

You get to decide what it means.

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