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Life…On Purpose

w/ Dr. Carolyn Frost

Life… On Purpose helps busy women like you find your unique purpose through a 15 week, Self-Guided + Community Driven + Personal Coaching Trifecta that will help you create a life that inspires and excites you!

  • Make time for YOU every single day

  • Create healthier daily habits 

  • Develop confidence and improve relationships

  • Take focused and confident action toward your goals

  • Learn simple and effective mindset shifts that will immediately uplevel your life

  • Challenge your limiting beliefs; create strong, vibrant beliefs instead 

  • Reduce overwhelm and more effectively manage stress and anxiety

  • Empower yourself with the knowledge, confidence and skill set to maintain these life-altering changes

Say YES to creating a life you love! 

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Next group kicks off in March 2023!!

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Self-Guided Study

For my fellow self-help junkies!


Foster personal awareness, self-confidence, self-compassion, and deep inner knowing as you tap into your inherent strengths and identify what really matters.

Recommended 15 minutes per day of active self-study to fast track well-being and reframe long-held, negative beliefs into positive, constructive thoughts and actions.


Weekly Group Meetings

Community support of like-minded women facing similar life experiences and challenges is an essential component of this hybrid program.


We say YES! to women building each other up, guiding, and supporting one another through group chat functions and weekly online meetups!


Fifteen 45 min weekly group sessions


One on One

Your five Personal Strategy Sessions with Dr. Frost are laser-focused to help you dream BIG, define goals, and then accomplish them (One session per module).


You are capable of so much more than you know. I’m here to remind you of that, and encourage and support you as you make a new way forward. 

Sky's the limit.


Take Care of You

Take care of yourself first, so you can be a source of presence, love and support for those around you

  • Move 
    • Move to feel good in your body, not to change it 

  • Nourish 
    • Understand your relationship to food and diets; learn how to make choices that honor and respect your body

    • Plus! Intuitive Eating Quick Start Guide & Food Journal

  • Connect 
    • Get to know yourself, it’s an absolute prerequisite to authentic connection with others 



Cultivate Awareness

Awareness always precedes lasting, transformative change 

  • What’s really driving your results 
    • Hint ~ It’s not what you think!

  • Check In, Not Out 
    • Find your home base and tap into internal trust; more effectively manage anxiety, stress and worry using simple mindset shifts and research-based strategies 

  • Embrace personal well-being
    • What does well-being look and feel like in your life? When you know where you're going, it's so much easier to get there... 



Imagine What’s Possible

Dream BIG for your life; what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?  

  • The power of your beliefs
    • Hint ~ Don’t believe everything you think!

  • How to believe new things
    • Release limiting beliefs, and empower yourself with new supportive and productive thoughts

  • The Future You 
    • Future You is a Rockstar; gain the confidence and skills to imagine what's possible, and then actually do it



Craft the Life of Your Dreams

Use these practical tips and strategies to craft a life that inspires and excites you

  • What’s Important 
    • Identify and live out your core values; maximize your potential

  • Time & Stress Management
    • Actionable tips, strategies and mindset shifts to effectively manage your time and inevitable stressors

  • Set SMART-Y Goals 
    • The popular SMART Goal framework… with a valuable Mindset Twist



Take Imperfect Action

Everything will never be perfect, take action anyway

  • All things are difficult before they are easy
    • What makes us think it would be any other way?

  • POP! Progress over Perfection
    • This is KEY to forward movement. Let go of the perfectionist ideal that is stifling your growth, opportunities, relationships, health, and success 

  • Overcome fear, anxiety, worry and self-doubt
    • Be afraid, nervous, unsure… and then do it anyway 

"Our conversations have been so inspiring, introspective, and positive.
It has given me an opportunity to look at my life with a new mindful approach
" - E.J.

Extra Perks!

  • Detailed, strategic workbook with everything you need to supercharge your success 

  • Actionable tools, quick start guides and printables to energize your life as you create and follow through on goals and lifestyle changes that have eluded you in the past

  • Access to in-depth, instructional videos designed to help you align with your unique purpose and then ACT from that place of awareness, confidence and strength​

  • Dedicated Members Only Facebook page 

  • Helpful and actionable health, well-being and lifestyle tips sent right to your inbox 

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Frost’s popular blog, Healthy Mindset Living

  • Full access to Dr. Frost’s Yoga Break videos - all under 20 minutes so you can always find time for movement in your day

  • Exclusive access to one hundred+ 60 minute Vinyasa flow videos

  • Exclusive email and text support from Dr. Frost as your accountability partner, coach, mentor and friend

  • Personal recommendations, resources, and so much more! 

""Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? "
- Mary Oliver

At the end of this program, you will:

  • Have an inspiring and crystal clear vision for your future, and importantly, be taking focused action confidently toward it

  • Learn simple mindset shifts that will immediately uplevel your life 

  • Implement strategies to challenge your limiting beliefs and create strong, vibrant beliefs instead 

  • Reduce overwhelm and get back in charge of your days

  • Bring on the calm! Practice techniques to effectively handle stress, anxiety, and discomfort 

  • Get out of the All or Nothing and Should mentality that has been holding you back

  • Examine your thoughts, behaviors and results with a fresh perspective 

  • Recognize and dismantle the negative influence of perfectionism on your days 

  • Figure out exactly where you are and precisely where you want to go - This is KEY; When you know where you’re going, it’s so much easier to get there…. 

  • Access your own powerful intrinsic motivation by identifying ‘your why’ 

  • Empower yourself with the knowledge, confidence and skill set to implement life-altering changes

  • Energize yourself for continued progress beyond our work together

  • And so much more!!

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(Self-Guided Study + Weekly Group Sessions)

Pay in Full
One-time payment
Payment Plan
3 monthly payments


(Self-Guided + Weekly Group Sessions + 5 Laser Focused Private Sessions w/ Dr. Frost)


Pay in Full
One-time payment
Payment Plan
3 monthly payments

Join with a Friend!

(Self-Guided + Weekly Group Sessions + 5 Laser Focused Private Sessions w/ Dr. Frost)

Pay in Full
$1500 each
Email names to me and I'll send you the link to pay at the discounted rate! 
Payment Plan
$517 each
3 monthly payments.
Email names to me and I'll send you the link to pay at the discounted rate! 
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