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3 Good Things; A Simple Gratitude Practice for Your Everyday

Yes, we hear a lot about gratitude this time of year…..

And for good reason.

The concept of gratitude has one of the strongest links to mental health and life satisfaction of all the personality traits!

Even during challenging times, there is often much to be thankful for.

Our capacity to notice, appreciate and relish our lives is critical to well-being. It can help us cope with stress, boost self-esteem, enhance physical health and achieve our goals.

Let’s get more of that in our lives!

Reconnect to gratitude with a beautifully simple practice you can incorporate into your everyday life.

**PRO TIP!! Remember, when we’re trying to INCORPORATE NEW HABITS, it’s best to start small and rack up the wins each time you perform the desired behavior! This helps you think of yourself as a person who… “takes time to appreciate the good in their life”. And when you create that identity for yourself, you’ll act in alignment. YES!




A popular, research-backed (and super simple!) approach is called “Three Good Things”.

** An initial step of a meaningful gratitude practice is attention; that awareness of the good in your life.

HINT! This is a key component of regularly experiencing deep gratitude in your life.

So, reflect on your day and take a moment to really savor these gifts (big and small) and consider their value in your life.

What comes to mind? Don't discount the smaller moments!

* An unexpected smile

* A job-well-done email from your boss

* A hug from a child

* Strong legs to take you on a walk

* A body that supports you through your day

* Warm cookies and milk

* Puppy snuggles

* Eyes to read inspiring poetry

* A quiet moment

* Family in town for the holidays (this goes either way right ;)

* An early day at the office

* A good night sleep

* Kindness of a stranger

* A cozy blanket

* Warmth of a fire

* A great yoga class

* Beautiful flowers on your desk

* A cancelled meeting (few things better!)

* A good book

* A delicious cup of coffee etc….

Note: When you’ve had “one of those days….” and it seems there is very little to feel grateful for, dig deeper. What can you take away from a challenging moment or day? Did you learn a lesson? Was there an opportunity for growth?

The good is often there if you look closely.

After you’ve reflected and have your 3 Good Things, Write. Them. Down! In a consistent place. Your JOURNAL, a note on your phone, in your calendar etc….

*PRO TIP! It’s important to actually write it down somewhere (journal, smart phone, laptop etc...). Jotting it down makes you think a little more specifically about what exactly you feel grateful for, and solidifies the experience as positive in your mind.

That’s it! You’re practicing gratitude!

The more you do it, the more it will become something that is in your field of awareness.

This is how you build an attitude of gratitude.


This practice is appropriate for even the smallest of children and is a great way to encourage the practice of reflection and savoring positive moments.

Use it as a routine before bed to establish the precedent for noticing the good around us.

Older children can record on their own; you can help smaller children by writing down what they say.

Work gratitude into your everyday life in many ways!

Practicing gratitude can easily be done anywhere and with little time investment.

3 Good Things is a great approach, but keep in mind…. you don’t need to wait for a specific time of day to practice gratitude!

* First thing in the morning say thank you for your health, your family, your two legs, whatever you feel grateful for.

* Practice anywhere - while you’re brushing your teeth, every time you come to a stoplight, or each time you sit down at your desk.

* Play a grateful game at breakfast or dinner with your family, or while you’re driving in the car.

* Use this simple formula, “Thank you for..... it meant....... to me”.

* Add a gratitude prompt to your Daily Journal to make sure it’s top of mind!

The possibilities – and subsequent benefits – are endless.

Commit to trying it daily for seven days and let me know how it goes!

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