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5 Steps to a Positive New Habit

We’ve all been there.

We get an idea in our mind and we are SO excited to get started.

** I’m going to meditate every morning for 20 minutes!

** I’m going to run 6 miles a day!

** I’m going to meal prep on Sundays for the week!

We are gung ho for a day, 3 days, maybe a week or two….. annnnnd then we inevitably miss a day, then another, and that’s the end of that.

Wait, what happened??

We were thisclose to leading a brand new life of health and vitality, and now we’re just…. over it?

Nope. You just didn't have the right plan in place.

Start here! 5 Steps to Starting Any New Practice

You can use the super handy and catchy acronym ASPOC to help ;)

A - Awareness

S - Start Small

P - Plan

O - Obstacles

C - Course Correct


Bring awareness to current thoughts and practices around the desired habit.

Successful habit change begins largely before you even start the activity.


This step is SO important, and it’s almost always overlooked.

You can’t change what you aren’t aware of.

**Grab a piece of paper and write out your thoughts about the below (Yes, you really have to write it out. It makes all the difference)

  • What is the habit you want to add to your life?

  • Why specifically do you want to add this habit to your life? What benefits do you expect?

  • What do you think it would take to become a person who does this activity?

Now look at what you’ve written.

What thoughts jump out at you?

Dig into what you wrote until you have a good understanding of where you’re coming from. Bring that newfound knowledge with you into Step 2!


Small successes add up to BIG wins.

Start with a single (just one!) habit you’d like to add to your life. Resist the urge to add 5 different habits, we know that approach doesn’t work.

Your new habit should be something you can do several times a week if not every day. No need to go all out. You’ve done that before and it hasn’t worked.

A KEY benefit of starting small is building up consistent wins.

You are building evidence for yourself that you are the type of person who stretches before bed every night, or the type of person who holds the door for strangers.

In psychology, we call this self-efficacy.

  • 2 min of a daily gratitude practice at breakfast with your family

  • 3 deep breaths before you get out of bed in the morning

Your brain will love the consistency of a smaller habit and will find satisfaction in doing it regularly.


A detailed plan is the foundation of your success.

Go Old School with the 5 W’s + H; Who, What, When, Where, Why.

The How? Habit Stacking!

THIS IS KEY!! Adding a desired behavior to something you already consistently do. It’s a powerful tool to effect lasting change, take advantage of it.

Time, location, and your surrounding environment are great cues for new habits

  • I will put on sunscreen as soon as I get out of the shower.

  • I will spend 5 minutes decluttering some area (drawer, cabinet…) of my house each day right before lunch.

  • Before I sit down at night to watch tv, I will grab my knitting materials

So, instead of, I’m going to start journaling

Your plan is super specific!

I will write in my journal for 3 minutes at the kitchen table while I drink my morning coffee so that I feel focused and clear throughout the day.


Obstacles are a given.

They are also an opportunity to grow and build confidence.

Anticipate likely challenges and plan them from a place of calm now - NOT while you’re in the middle of them.

It’s the BEST way to quiet your brain when it pipes up about the change. You are ready for all of it’s excuses. You’ve already handled it.

  • I will set out an extra layer of warm clothing for my morning jog in case the weather gets cold.

  • I will have a book out on my bedside table so I read that instead of scrolling through TikTok at night.

  • I will check the fridge daily to ensure I have snacks that help me feel full and satiated on hand.


The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” - Albert Einstein

Check back regularly and update your approach as needed.

Most people don’t do this - they just expect perfection.

This is wildly unrealistic! And only sets you up for disappointment and lays the groundwork for quitting.

Nothing is ever perfect - certainly not when you’re trying something new.

See how it goes. If it works, great, keep doing that. If not, great. That’s a learning experience. Try something else. Repeat as needed.

You’ll be walking, meditating, knitting, singing, yoga-ing…. in no time.


Print out the HABIT TRACKER and get writing!

Keep in mind our clever acronym ASPOC:

A - Awareness of current thoughts and beliefs

S - Start Small

P - Plan (5W’s & H)

O - Obstacles - plan for them in advance

C - Course Correct as needed

Important Reminder! No one ever said change is easy and everything will go smoothly.

Do it anyway.

Prove to yourself you are capable of amazing things

Have a beautiful week friends.




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