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The Power of a Doorway Affirmation

I just heard this great tip over the weekend and I couldn't wait to share it with you!

Utilize a common trigger (walking through a doorway) to ingrain the habit of showing up with intention.

Each habit we have (ones we like and even those we don't!) operate according to the following pattern:

  • Cue: The thing/person that triggers a behavior

    • See your sneakers by the door

  • Habit: The behavior itself

    • Put sneakers on and go for a quick walk around the block

  • Reward: The benefit you gain from the behavior

  • Get fresh air and a little movement - feel great afterwards

The more triggers we create for the habits we WANT to cultivate, the better!

Doorways are common cues we see regularly throughout our day offering multiple opportunities for positive habit creation.

Every time you walk through a new door, you get to use it as an opportunity to show up on purpose, exactly as you want.

Love that!

Create Your Own Doorway Affirmation:

  • Approach any doorway - your front door, the office, a conference room, a friend's house, your kitchen

  • Take a single deep breath and consider how you want to show up

  • Say something to yourself! You can say the same thing every time or choose three qualities you want to focus on while you're in that particular room

In this way, the doorway is the cue that sets up a desired habit cycle of mindfulness and intention.

  • Cue: Doorway

  • Habit: Say your Doorway Affirmation

  • Reward: Show up in mindfully and purposefully in that room


The more you practice this, the more it will become second nature. Soon every time you come to a doorway, you take that pause to consider how you want to show up in that room.

What do you think could change with that added awareness and intention

Some examples below.

Doorway Trigger for your Office:

  • I am confident in who I am and in my abilities

  • I approach my work with enthusiasm, clarity, and focus

  • I am a freaking BOSS; I show up with confidence, strength and wisdom

  • Confidence, courage, wisdom

Doorway Trigger for your Home:

  • My family deserves the best of me, I will remain calm and present

  • I find connection and presence with a single deep breath

  • I am so grateful for this home and the people inside of it

  • Today I will seek out the beauty in the small moments

  • I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be in my life

  • Warmth, connection, peace

Play around with it! What other doorways could you create a Doorway Affirmation for?

Try it today and let me know how it goes!



PS! Check out this post; How to Start Any New Practice, for additional tips on creating positive habits in your life!

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