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A Simple Tool To Live With More Intention

Want to show up in your life in a more thoughtful, intentional way?

I think we all do....

The challenge is that our attention is constantly being pulled in all different directions. From notifications on our phone, emails, over-scheduling our time, and in general juggling too many things at once.

This week's Mindful Monday offers a simple, do-anywhere practice that will help you stay close to yourself - even (especially!) during a hectic time of year.

Imagine yourself:

  • Responding thoughtfully instead of reacting habitually to the stressors in your life ~ Hello family holiday dynamics

  • Slowing it down so you can be present, rather than texting a friend while you're child tells you about their day

  • Checking in to see if you're 'eating too much', rather than comparing how much you've eaten to others at the table

The STOP Practice

I LOVE this practice as a way to slow it all down and come back to yourself.

You can do it over the span of 20 seconds, or it can take 10+ minutes.

Do what you can whenever you think of it.

With practice, habits of mindfulness and presence that many so desperately seek out, start to become second nature.

STOP is an acronym for

S -Stop

T - Take a breath

O - Observe

P - Proceed

  • Stop: Physically pause your body.

  • Take a Breath: It can be a single mindful breath or a 10 minute breathing practice. Whatever works best in the situation.

  • Observe: How do you feel? Notice body sensations, the pace and depth of your breath, your pulse, any tightness in your chest, thoughts that come up etc… Curiosity is key here, not judgment.

  • Proceed: With a little more intention, just from this simple practice. You might continue on with whatever it was you were going to do. That’s fine! You’re laying down the foundations of trust bit by bit, reminding yourself each time that you already know the answers, you don’t need others to tell you what they are.

Some times you can use this practice:

  • When you wake up in the morning

  • When you go to bed

  • When you come to a stoplight

  • Before you have that next glass of wine

  • When you sit down at your desk

  • When your husband is chewing too loudly

  • When you get an unexpected bill

  • When you are bored

  • When your boss calls you into his office

  • When your friend won't stop talking

  • When the kids are acting out

  • Before you log onto social media

  • When your mom calls to complain about your aunt... again

  • Before, during and after a meal

  • Literally any single time you want ;)

I talk more about this practice in a blog post from last year about

PS!! The FREE webinar I'm hosting next Tuesday, 12/6, at noon details exactly how to feel good this time of year. Keep an eye out for details tomorrow!

Have a great week friends!



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