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How to Feel Good Now

Most of us think that the way to feel good is to change what's going on around us:

  • The way others behave (because... we definitely don't need to change, right?!)

  • Our environment/house/neighborhood

  • Our job or education

  • Our possessions (new! more! better!)

We think, "If only xyz were different, then I could be happy".

And so we rely on external things to make us feel good:

  • Compliments/praise from others

  • Weight on the scale

  • Salary, job title etc...

  • Reflection in the mirror

  • The car/purse/jeans/vacation

And when they don't (because they CAN'T!), we end up disappointed and confused.​

But here's the real truth....

Relying on things outside of yourself to magically bring you happiness NEVER works. ​

Happiness comes from within

So too does sadness, loneliness and fear.

We create ALL of these feelings with our thoughts.

* Good thoughts = Good feelings

* Unhelpful thoughts = Not so great feelings

The good news?

You are in control of your thoughts!

You get to choose what to think, and therefore how you feel.

Choose your thoughts on purpose, with intention.


Start it TODAY. I'm serious.

It is the single most effective fast-track to figuring out what's going on in your brain.

Which is great, because once you get over the surprise of how much negativity is in there sabotaging your peace, then you can move forward from a place of awareness, deep understanding, and clear insight.

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