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A Simple Practice to Cultivate Gratitude (2 min read!)

Gratitude has one of the strongest links to mental health and life satisfaction of all the personality traits.

It can help you cope with stress, boost self-esteem, enhance physical health and achieve your goals.



A popular, research-backed (and super simple!) approach is called “Three Good Things”.

Reflect on your day and take a moment to really savor the gifts (big and small) and consider their value in your life - the savoring and appreciation here is KEY!!

What comes to mind? Don't discount the smaller moments!


* An unexpected smile

* A body that supports you through your day

* A quiet moment

* A good night sleep

* Kindness of a stranger

After you’ve reflected and have your 3 Good Things, Write. Them. Down!

In a consistent place. Your journal, a note on your phone, in your calendar etc….

That’s it! You’re practicing gratitude!

Hint!! ~Try it with your family and encourage an Attitude of Gratitude!

Check HERE for more details!

Feeling grateful for all of you on this Fall Friday...

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