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FAV Journal Prompts ♥️

Stumped on what to write about in your journal?

Feeling uninspired when you look at that blank page?

Want to start a journal practice, but feel awkward just writing random things in a notebook??

I get it! It took me YEARS (like, many, MANY years) to create a consistent journaling habit, but now it is one of my very favorite parts of the day.

And is probably the single most beneficial thing I do for my overall peace of mind and mental health.

Here's the trick, MAKE YOUR OWN JOURNAL.

This practice only stuck for me once I started making mine. With prompts that inspire me - and that I can easily change when they no longer do.

Grab a notebook, pad, paper etc... and check out the following prompts.

Select one (or two!) that resonate, set a timer for 2 minutes and WRITE.

It doesn't need to be proper grammar, spelled correctly, or even make sense.

And it doesn't doesn't need to be fancy! Mine is literally pieces of paper fastened together with a binder clip.

And if you don't even want to do something called 'journaling', call it something else! Daily writing, morning/evening pages, noting, logging, writing, jotting down....


You're establishing the habit of consistently checking in.

It's the first important step toward living a

mindful and intentional life ✨



If you're a MORNING person

Your prompts can set you up for a great day, regardless of what you have going on. * Today’s focus is……. * Today I will make time for……. * Today I will let go of….. * What big goal am I working toward? * What is one small step I can take today toward that goal?

* What boundaries do I want to set and/or be mindful of today? * How do I want to feel at the end of the day? * The 3 feelings I want to feel most often today are... * What I’m excited about today....

* What are my top priorities for the day, and how can I align my actions with those priorities? * How will I make space for gratitude/happiness/confidence/strength etc.. today... * What am I thinking about right now? How does it feel?

* How do I want to feel today, and what can I do to cultivate that feeling?



If you're more likely to journal at NIGHT

Let your prompts reflect on the day. * What worked well today... * One great thing that happened today... * How did I make a positive difference today... * What is something that made me laugh or smile today... * What inspired me today... * Something I am proud of today...

* Three things I am grateful for today... * What did I do for myself today....

* What can I forgive myself for today? * What am I thinking about right now? How does it feel? * A positive thought to carry me to sleep...

* How did I practice self-care, self-love etc.. today...

* What lessons did I learn today....


Don't wait on this one. Start this practice TODAY.

Click HERE for more easy tricks and tips to finally incorporate this LIFE - CHANGING habit into your everyday.

Enjoy 🤍



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