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How and Why to Embrace Change

As December draws to a close and we get ready for a new year, full of possibility and opportunity, take some time to think about what a gift that really is...




"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

- Seneca



 R E F L E C T


Be honest.


How many of you saw that quote and immediately thought of Closing Time, a 90's pop hit about a bar closing for the night that gave us the brilliant line, "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here".


Me too.

I even double checked to make sure that it's not actually a Semisonic line randomly attributed to Seneca.

It's not.


But I do love this beautiful reminder that applies to so many situations (I especially  # 9):


  1. A child going off to college creates space in your life for that new hobby

  2. A relationship that didn't work clears the way for one that does

  3. Flowers bloom and grass grows strong after a cold, long winter

  4. A job loss can lead to the discovery of a more fulfilling career

  5. Easing the grip of perfectionism creates space for finding joy in authenticity

  6. A missed opportunity brings you down an unexpected and fulfilling path

  7. A setback in health encourages you to take time for self-care and well-being practices

  8. The end of summer leads to cool crisp air, scarves, and pumpkin spice everything

  9. Saying 'No' to one commitment allows for an enthusiastic 'Yes!' to another

  10. Releasing old habits makes space for new, positive, empowering ones

  11. Leaving your comfort zone leads to personal growth and self-discovery



 T H R I V E


Declutter your space.

Start this New Year with physical and mental space for opportunity and possibility.

Start somewhere small, but impactful, like your kitchen drawer (you know the one...), your closet, or your desk.

Tidy it up, and discard or donate items that no longer suit you.

Enjoy the resulting clarity, confidence, and pride you create from these small victories.

Hint! Work your way up to the attic or garage.

I promise you that mess is going absolutely nowhere without you, and it can be defeating to tackle BIG projects like that out of the gates.

Start small.

Get some wins.

Build from there.


 R E L A T E D P O S T S



Say 'No' With Ease & Purpose: Create freedom and ease in your life with these 2 simple steps


The Power of Perspective: It's never the external thing that creates our experience, but what we think about it.


Wishing you the joy of the season and all the best for this new beginning.

Can't wait to see what we can create together


With all the love,




PS ~ Follow me on LinkedIn for daily tips, strategies, and inspiration for creating more health, connection, joy, and ease in your life.

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