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A Simple Monthly Ritual for Growth & Well-Being

I'm trying out a new format for our weekly Insight Posts: Inspire, Reflect, Thrive ✨ Moving forward, the Insight Posts will provide a quick hit of inspiration, a thoughtful reflection, and a practical next step to put it into action in your own life. Simple is good 🖤 Inspire "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be" - Ralph Waldo Emerson Reflect Where you are is a culmination of your experiences, thoughts, beliefs, challenges, and actions/inactions. Where you’re going is full of possibility; limited only by your imagination and what you believe about yourself. You get to decide what's important; where, how, and who you spend your time with. In this way, you create your life. Thrive Reflect thoughtfully on where you've been so you can plan purposefully for where you'll go. This Self-Reflection Worksheet is a mash-up I created from the growth-oriented work of Brendon Burchard and Dr. Carol Ryff's work in the well-being field.

Click below to access your Self-Reflection Worksheet:

Personal Review & Self-Reflection_Nov2023
Download PDF • 26KB

Print it out and then take 3 minutes to complete it. But do it now. Because if you don't, you'll forget. Or life will get busy, or the baby will be crying, or you'll be half asleep on the couch watching the same Netflix show you've already seen three times. And you will have missed an opportunity to take a simple and powerful step toward yourself.

Don't let that happen. Make time for this ✨ PS! I set a recurring reminder in my phone to complete this on the last day of each month ;)

Wishing you a beautiful December friends.



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