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The Physiological Sigh

I'm obsessed with this simple (and somehow very effective!) breathing practice to turn on your body's Relaxation Response.


Try it the next time you feel stress coming on (which seems quite often this time of year!):


-- Before a big presentation


-- Getting ready for a holiday dinner


-- Waiting for that important phone call


-- Considering a big decision


-- In moments of anxiety or overwhelm

-- When the kids are whining, fighting, crying, or doing all three



✨ I N S P I R E


 "You cannot breathe deeply and worry at the same time" - Sonia Choquette



✨ R E F L E C T


A Physiological Sigh is a pattern of breathing that includes two inhales followed by an extended exhale.

Interestingly, people go into this breath pattern spontaneously if they're feeling claustrophobic and when they're sleeping as a way to decrease the amount of CO₂ in their system.


** Please watch Andrew Huberman's 2 minute video HERE for a quick explanation and a visual of how it's done.



✨ T H R I V E  


How to do the Physiological Sigh:


  • Take two inhales through the nose - the first is typically a little longer than the second (watch the video to see how it's done)

  • One long exhale out of the mouth

  • Repeat one to three times

  • Notice any shifts


The emphasis is on the longer exhale and slower breath to dial down your stress response. 


Side note! Here's another breathing technique research shows is effective in turning on your body's Relaxation Response.

4-7-8 Breathing


  • Breathe in for 4 counts

  • Hold for 7

  • Exhale slowly for 8 counts

  • Notice any shifts


Try that one next time you're having trouble sleeping ;)



✨ R E L A T E D P O S T S


The Universal Check-In: A simple question to bring you back home to yourself


How to Take a Deep Breath: Most of us don't know, follow along here for easy to follow steps


5-4-3-2-1 for Anxiety & Stress : An effective CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) practice to get you out of your busy mind


Let me know how it goes


With love,




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