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The Power of a Simple Small Change

If you're anything like me, Mondays are pretty hectic in your house.

You're likely still in recovery mode from the weekend ~ endless kid's sports, that heavy Sunday dinner, maybe some travel, too many margaritas, binge-watching Netflix, catching up on work, doing nothing, doing everything, a too-late Sunday Funday..... and beginning to accept that it's Back to Real Life.

Your Monday morning might look like:

✨ Pressing snooze 6 times until finally dragging yourself out of bed

✨ Waking up with that dread feeling in your stomach about all the To Do List items that await

✨ 'Lovingly' waking your children up for the 50th time

✨ Screaming, "Get in the CAR!! We're going to be LATE!!!" while you beep the horn ~ you're welcome neighbors ;)

✨ Rushing out the door with your shoes in your hand and your hair soaking wet

✨ Sliding into your desk chair, with a blouse and pajama pants on, just in time for that Monday morning meeting

Or maybe you're one of the rare few who effortlessly has it all together - clothes clean, hair brushed (washed even??), workout completed, kids off to school on time with a smile and a kiss, healthy lunch packed in your bag, coffee in hand, and a smile on your face - if so, good on you! I'm not quite there yet...

So, I'm making a small change that is going to be great for me... and for you!

Moving forward I'll send a Thoughtful Thursday note out (instead of a Mindful Monday). It will still be full of all the tips, insight, and wisdom that you've come to know and love, just on another day ;)

Once Thursday rolls around you've likely had time to catch up from the weekend, and make some headway on your goals and sift through all those emails from the weekend.

Thursday now gets a mindful makeover from the 'day before Friday', to an important opportunity to touch back in with YOU ✨

To set aside a few dedicated minutes to focus on improving your life.


It's the Quadrant II time that we all need in our lives, but are so quick to pass off because we, "don't have enough time'.

This one small shift has already had an important impact on my week.

Specifically, I had time - the most precious of all commodities - to work on this note to you without feeling rushed to get it out in the midst of a busy Monday.

That time translates to space in my brain to handle everything else I ignored all weekend.

That Space = Freedom. Openness. Enjoyment. Creativity.

That's a much better way to start the week and go through life.

It makes all the difference.

What's one small change you can make in your life that has the potential to have a meaningful impact?

✨ Get up 5 minutes earlier so you have those precious few moments to yourself before the day gets going (YESSSS!)

✨ Walk the extra lap around the block now that the weather is getting nicer

Jot down one thing you are grateful for each morning or night

✨ Say something genuine and kind to someone every day

✨ Get a reusable water bottle and keep it by your side

✨ Make it a point to smile at someone each day

✨ Go to bed 10 minutes earlier

✨ Leave your phone in another room

✨ Turn off the water while you brush your teeth

✨ Use the focus feature on your phone (one of my FAVs!)

✨ Unfollow 5 social media accounts each week that no longer resonate with the person you are becoming (this one is HUGE!)

✨ Put your fork down once during every meal; ask yourself how you're feeling

Be like Mel Robbins and give yourself a High Five in the mirror each morning (I've done this with my kids - and myself - on days we need a boost - always leads to a giggle and a spike in mood and confidence!)

✨ Ask your partner/friend/babysitter to pick the kids up once a week from school so you have a little extra me-time

We think it has to be big to be impactful. But it doesn't. Start small. Really small. One thing at a time. Notice what changes.

Would love to hear what you try!

PS: start today! Don't wait until Monday ;)




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