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The Power of Reflection ✨

Believe it or not, we just passed the midway point of the year - July 2nd; here's a great opportunity to reflect on where we've been.

Next week we'll look toward where we're going ;)

There is great value in reflection; it provides a pause, allowing us to grow and learn from our experiences, losses, wins, mistakes, and regrets.

It’s not about judging or criticizing yourself for how you should have handled something differently or what you should have done instead.

It's not about dwelling on mistake or regrets. It's not about seeking validation or approval from others.

And importantly, it's not passive; it's an active process of personal growth and self-discovery.

It’s an opportunity to learn from your best teacher (YOU!).

So why don't we do this more often?

Lack of time is a common reason - especially for women who are often juggling many responsibilities. But even setting aside 2 minutes a day, or 20 minutes for monthly reflections, can be absolutely transformative as it brings clarity and focus to our busy lives.

Taking time for practices like this is an investment in your personal growth and development - don't skip it.

Another reason is that we, understandably, are afraid or reluctant to revisit uncomfortable emotions or to face upsetting events from the past.

That makes total sense!

Some things are better left in the past, and some are best reviewed with the support of a trusted friend, therapist, or coach.

You can always start with a review of positive events and low-stakes losses or mistakes.

But, if you feel ready for it, challenge yourself to look at some of those heavier things with a different lens.

  • Can you work to cultivate gratitude for time spent with a loved one who is no longer in your life?

  • Can you see how getting laid off opened the door for the new role?

  • What have you learned about the the value of a life from the health challenge you or a family member faced?

How might you grow as a person from a different perspective?

Let's try it together - remember, it's about growth, not perfection.



"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" - Marcel Proust


✔️ Step 1: Consider the first half of the year.... if you have a journal (yay for you!), read through it

✔️ Step 2: Pick 3 of the following prompts that resonate for you. Write out your responses - yes, on paper. It makes all the difference.

* 3 lessons learned

* 3 things you were worried about that turned out ok - How often do our greatest fears come to fruition?

* 3 challenges that helped you better yourself

* 3 times you felt proud of yourself

* 3 ways you prioritized your health and wellbeing

* 3 new skills you acquired

* 3 ways you came through for yourself

* 3 unexpected positive things that happened

* 3 ways you’ve grown as a person

✔️ Step 3: Sit with what you wrote - SUPER important

This might take a day or two, or even a week or more. That's ok, let it marinate and soak in.

Did your view of any of the experiences change when you looked at them again from a different perspective?

Did any moments of great challenge, struggle, or sadness leave you stronger in some way?

If yes, how might that change your perspective of challenging times moving forward?

What themes or generalizations materialized - how can they inform how you go forward into the second half of the year?

Reminder: Reflection like this takes time. Great! This is the kind of stuff we want to spend our time on.

These are the exercises that allow us to grow and evolve, and ultimately help us live from that place of purposeful intention that so many of us want.



Tips for Powerful Reflections

  • Make time for it: Schedule it in your calendar as a non-negotiable

    • PS! A consistent journaling practice is inherently reflective. Plus, recalling past wins, challenges, and everything in between is infinitely easier when you have a written record to look back on

  • Jog your memory: Look through your calendar, photo roll, or social media posts if you're having trouble remembering some of the events of the past 6 months

  • Be honest with yourself: This work is designed to help you grow and learn; be open to discomfort, pain, regret, and challenge as your greatest teachers

  • Focus on growth: Approach this work with a growth mindset rather than judgment - it makes all the difference. Even (especially!) when it's really freaking hard not to judge....

  • Celebrate wins: Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, big and small

    • Hint! Try recording 3 wins from the day in your phone or in your journal each night


Reflecting is Step #1 of our growth-oriented process.

Next week we'll talk about Step #2; Taking Action.

We'll use the insights you gained this week to make intentional changes and re-align with your goals.

This work gives you solid footing on the path to who you are meant to be - don't skip it ✨

With love,



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