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Whose Job is it to Like You?

I came across this quote a few years ago when I first found the work of Byron Katie.

Katie teaches a self-inquiry method, called The Work, that helps you question your thoughts and beliefs.

It is majorly powerful, especially when you're struggling against how others are acting.

Hello spouses, friends, children, bosses, and co-workers who are not doing everything the way they should - ie the way I want them to do it 😉

 I N S P I R E


“It’s not your job to like me, it's mine" - Byron Katie



 R E F L E C T


Ooohhh..... this one hits, right?


Often feels like once others like/approve of me, then I can do the same.


Then I can like me.


This shows up as:


- People pleasing - "Oh I don't care where we go for dinner"

- Obsessively checking likes on that photo you posted on FB

- Having a carefully crafted image that you present to others

- Neglecting self-care to prioritize others' needs (this one is for you moms )

- Downplaying achievements to appear humble and likable

- Seeking approval from 'authority' figures (think: parents, bosses, that alpha mom at school...)




But we have it backwards.


We get to spend time getting to know and actually liking ourselves.


Only then can we create authentic and fulfilling connections with others.




 T H R I V E


5 Actionable Tips to Like Yourself More:


1 - Practice Self-Compassion: Talk to yourself like you would a dear friend


2 - Prioritize Self-Care: Make time for this EVERYDAY (even if only a few minutes)


3 - Work to Accept Imperfections: You don't have to love them, work toward accepting them


4 - Celebrate Small Wins: Create a Book of Wins and jot down something good from each day


5 - Forgive Yourself: Accept past mistakes and grow from them


Show yourself some love today.



✨ R E L A T E D P O S T S



How to Challenge Your Self-Concept: A FAV Byron Katie question is included in this one


What You Practice Grows Stronger: How to start practicing the thoughts and behaviors that will get you where you want to be


How You Speak to Yourself Matters: Your self-talk is KEY to beginning the journey toward self-acceptance







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