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3 Sentences to Start Your Day

This time of year many of us are trying to stop doing things.

  • Dry January

  • Whole 30

  • Staying up too late

  • Wasting money with endless online shopping

  • Time wasters like social media and online games

  • Drinking soda

  • Being late

  • Procrastinating

What if you tried adding in a small, simple habit that had the potential for enormous boosts in productivity and happiness. Try Neil Pasricha's three simple sentences to start your day.

  • I will focus on...

    • Prioritize more effectively and shrink down overwhelming projects (write that book) into bite-size, doable tasks (write 3 pages today)

  • I am grateful for...

    • Train your brain to notice and seek out things to be grateful for. Get specific! So it's not just "my family", it's "the way my daughter looks when she's sleeping", or "my husband did the dishes without me having to ask"

  • I will let go of...

    • I love this one. We hang on so tightly to our criticisms and judgments, what if instead you chose one thing to let go of each day. Show yourself a little self-compassion and marvel at the positive impact it has on you and those around you.

PS ~ Habit stack this one! Add it on to something you already do consistently. It's a tried and true method to make new habits stick. Answer the questions while drinking your morning coffee, when you sit down at your desk to work, before you get out of bed in the morning. Some related posts below:

Let me know if you try it ~ have a great week! Carolyn xx

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