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Move. Your. Body. Today. (2 min read!)

Have you been putting off daily physical activity?

* I'll start once the kids are fully settled back at school...

* I just have too much going on right now...

* I'll do it once things slow down at work....

* I'm too tired to add another thing to my already busy day...

* I'll start on the weekend/Monday/any other day but today....

What if instead of excuses, you made a commitment to yourself to move your body?

Every. Single. Day.

That doesn’t have to mean an hour-long grueling workout or a formal exercise class.

Just get out there and move your body.

Your body is designed for it.

✨ ✨ START NOW! ✨ ✨

Get out a pen and jot down exactly how and when you will make room to walk, run, dance, play, climb, spin, jump, hike, yoga, lift, crunch and cycle.

Actually, write it down in your calendar.

And then.... stick to it.

Not because it's important (you already know it is...), or because you 'should' do it (that kind of guilt hasn't helped in the past...), but because you made a commitment to yourself to do it.

If you told a friend you would meet her for a walk at 9 am Wednesday, OF COURSE you would go!

So why are we so quick to let go of the commitments we make to ourselves?

Write it down... and then do it.

Prove to yourself that you're the type of person who keeps the commitments she makes to herself.

Build trust in YOU.

And see what changes ✨

PS!! I'm kicking off a Group Coaching Program called, Life... On Purpose in October! It's been a long time coming.... and I'm so excited about it. It's full of all the info, accountability, connection, encouragement, mindset shifts and support we all need to live a life with intention and purpose!

Get on the waitlist for a discounted fee and more info!

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