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M O V E Your Way to Lasting Wellness

Move to enjoy being in your body, not to change it

Our approach to movement is often very misguided.

We think we move to burn calories, lose weight, or to punish ourselves for that extra bowl of pasta.

Note the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’ that pop up in your mind when you think about movement in relation to penance for simply eating food.

Probably brings up some negativity and resistance.

What if instead, you tried a different approach.

Move to feel good in your body, not to punish it.

This is the game-changer; it makes ALL the difference.

Start from a place of positivity.

Your body is designed to move. Move it every single day.

It can feel good to bend, stretch, jump, dance, spin, run, push, pull, flex, squat, walk and reach.

It can feel good to take an early morning walk with the dog, do a yoga class with a friend, or have a dance party in the kitchen with the kids.

Unfortunately, we’ve made activity a burden, a chore, a ‘have to do’... and in doing so, tied it up with endless negativity.

Who wants to do something they dread?? No one, that’s who.

Why do we have this idea in our head that in order for it ‘to count’, it has to be painful, torturous even?

What if you didn’t put these self-imposed requirements of time, energy expenditure, sweat amounts, and ‘no pain no gain’ attitudes on yourself?

What if you actually enjoyed moving your body??

It’s possible. Yes, for everyone ;)

Your thoughts might just need a refresh.

First, work toward understanding what your current thoughts are.

Then note how your mind will cycle through excuses to keep you doing what you’ve always done, in the way you’ve always done it.

Because that's easier in the short-term… but when we're seeking growth and progress, we often have to sit with short-term discomfort in favor of long-term gain.

Hint! Your mind can be very persuasive.

It’s too cold outside.... I don’t have time for this.... I can’t afford it... I can’t find anything I want to do... I can’t leave the kids.... I’m too tired.... I have work to do.... It’s too boring.... I’ve never been a person who exercises… I’m not coordinated enough….

Sound familiar?

Recognize that these are just thoughts your brain has.

They are not facts (though we think they are…).

These thoughts are NOT a problem - but an opportunity to grow and build confidence in a new approach.

Anticipate these challenges from a clear, calm headspace.

The obstacles will come, I promise you that.

Solve them now, not when you are in the middle of them.

You’ll be ready for the inevitable.


Set a timer for 5 - 10 minutes and write your thoughts down about ‘MOVEMENT’.

Be completely honest, even if it’s negative. Get the thoughts out of your head so you can look at them objectively.

* Some ideas to get you going!

* What does ‘movement’ mean in your life?

* What types of movement do you enjoy/dislike?

* What’s ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ about movement?

* How do different activities change your physiology or state of mind?

* How does it feel to be active vs inactive?


Write out a positive statement (like an affirmation) that you can have as a way to combat the endless excuses that are sure to come. Repeat as needed!

* I feel healthy and strong when I add movement to my day.

* Today I will move my body because it feels good.

List 5 obstacles you are likely to experience in relation to moving your body each day (it's cold out, pressed for time etc...).

Then, from a calm, clear headspace, write out exactly how you will handle them. The more specific the better.

* I will ask for help on Monday and Wednesday mornings with the kids so I can have time to be active.

* I got a great book on tape to energize my morning walk.

* I will set my workout clothes out the night before and get dressed in them right away in the morning. No excuses!

*This is a personal favorite of mine - I do this every single night!

Having a plan in place is a full-on Pro Move to ensure success!

Small successes add up to big wins. Build confidence in yourself and change the narrative that moving is hard or painful. You get to decide how to approach it.

** PS!! It’s SO important to actually write these down! The writing forces you to clearly articulate your thoughts and reinforces the message to your mind that this is important.

I'm HERE if you have any questions!

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