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A Simple Question to Start Your Day

"The universe conspires to support your intentions." - Oprah Winfrey

It's 7:30 am on a Monday.

Your alarm didn't go off.

Or it did, but then it stopped after you ignored it for 15 minutes...

I speak from experience.

You jump out of bed, rush around waking people up, and screaming out non-sensical orders:

"Make sure your room better not be clean!"

"Get your clothes put on your body!"

"Where are you PatrickCharlotteCocoDaveConnor" (when I'm trying to find Katherine)

I've literally said all of these.

Another favorite of mine is "Buckle your toothbrush!". What on earth?? Like, I can't even count how many times I've delivered that helpful piece of advice from the driver's seat...

We know that if we get up even 5 or 10 minutes earlier, our mornings would have a very different vibe. Namely, they would be calmer, more connected, maybe even enjoyable.

So, let's get our days off to a better start 💃

We'll do that by:

#1 - Setting ourselves up for success (10 minutes to a better morning HERE!)

#2 - Adding some intention to our day


Research shows that setting intentions positively influences mental and emotional well-being, lowers stress and enhances resilience.

Start your day with a clear purpose to experience a greater sense of control and agency in your life.

A new favorite question for quickly creating clarity and intention is "Who needs me on my A game today?"

I am OBSESSED with this.

It creates clarity for what you have going on that day as you mentally scroll through activities and commitments you've made - what do you have going on, what's important today?

It cultivates empathy and compassion - how can you make a positive impact today? Who can you intentionally support, encourage, or inspire?

It reminds you to nurture the connections that are already present in your life - I'm needed, There are people I care for and that care about me (especially important during times of loneliness and struggle)

  • Does your daughter have a big test you can help her study for?

  • Important meeting with a new client?

  • Maybe you haven't been super present with your partner, or your parents, or an old friend etc... there's an opportunity there

  • And don't forget about yourself! "You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

Try it for a week.

Habit Stack this question into your morning routine; ie add it on to something you already do regularly (journaling, meditating, drinking a cup of coffee, going for a walk, making your bed, brushing your teeth...)

Make a sticky note, set an alarm, or create a reminder on your phone

Notice what changes when you show up - on purpose from a place of love, connection, and contribution - for yourself and for the important people in your life.

Who needs YOU on your A Game today?

Enjoy ♥️



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