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Create Inner Peace w/ This Simple Thanksgiving Mindset Shift

Happy early Thanksgiving friends ❤️

Tomorrow I'll be eating stuffing and 'speaking loudly' with my family while we play Texas Hold'em at the kitchen table with the oldies blasting in the background.

Side note: Do all families inappropriately gamble and yell their way through the holidays? Asking for a friend.

I wanted to give you something to think about as you do your Thanksgiving thing. Which often comes with people and/or experiences who are lovely, but also some that are challenging, triggering, frustrating, and/or wildly annoying 🤗

I like to give myself a positive or helpful thought to think when I'm going into a challenging situation like this - in essence, priming myself so I can show up in a way that makes me proud.


"See the light in others and treat them as if that's all you see" - Wayne Dyer


Confirmation Bias tells us that we are constantly seeking out evidence to prove what we already think true.

What do you think might change if you reminded yourself to look for the good in others before you walk in the door at Aunt Mary's house?

Does it change how others behave? Probably not....

But it does change how you see them ✨

And in that shift lies power, compassion, love, opportunity, and kindness.

Even when they're unbearable, or they have wronged you, or they talk too loudly, or speak with their mouth full, or have different political views, or don't have manners, or forgot to tell you that they inexplicably invited your ex-husband to dinner.


You get to choose how you show up 


You get to choose what you seek out both in the day and in the people you share it with.

It doesn't mean you excuse other's poor behavior, or that you agree with all the choices they've made, or forget how they have treated you in the past.

It just means that for this meal, for these few hours, you're going to choose to 'look for the gold' as Tara Brach would say.

And in that decision you are acting from a place of love and compassion... for yourself as well as for others. What a beautiful way to be in this world 🖤

So, imagine yourself walking out the door after your holdiay dinner, sitting down in your car, letting a gentle smile come to your face, and taking a clearing breath that reminds you to be proud of how you showed up.

That's something to be grateful for ✨


Wishing you and your families a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with love, light, warmth, and joy in the simple pleasures.


Thank you, truly, for supporting this work, and showing up for yourselves - even when it's hard, boring, or both!

You inspire and encourage me with your presence, bravery, kind words, and the great promise of what's to come.

With all the love,



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