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How to Feel Good.... Even (Especially!) During the Holidays

We are in the thick of it.

Christmas is a week away, New Year’s right on it’s heels.

This is the time of year where most of us just throw in the towel.

Forget it. I’m going to watch Netflix, scroll social media, and eat and drink everything in sight for the next two weeks”.

We do this because in the back of our minds we’re thinking….

January is only 2 weeks away… I might as well just enjoy myself now, and then I’ll go on that diet/start that exercise program in the New Year.

And all the eating, drinking, social media, shopping etc… is fun and enjoyable…. in the moment.

We love that hit of immediate pleasure…. but then we have a guilt and shame hangover from too many sweets, glasses of wine and/or visits to the cheese plate.

You know the thoughts.

“UGH! I can’t believe I ate all of that at the holiday brunch…. I barely fit into my clothes…. I drank way too much Champagne last night…. I can’t believe I said that to my cousin… I just wasted the whole day on Facebook and I have a million things to do….

Why do that for the next two weeks/3 months/lifetime??

If you don’t want to feel guilty, disappointed, and uncomfortable in your skin, please know there is another way.

Yes, even during this time of year where we’ve normalized overdoing it and excess.

Here’s the plan that’s going to help you enjoy the next two weeks, and head into 2022 with a newfound trust in yourself and your ability to make decisions that support your health and well-being.


It's not about non-stop Netflix, or even working out endlessly to counteract all the calories My Fitness Pal says you are consuming.

There is DEFINITELY no weighing food, skipping meals, or cheat days.

It doesn’t involve endless hours of useless scrolling through social media or even going to every possible holiday party so you can escape yourself for a while.

Check back in with YOU.

Go forward with intention and awareness using the Three Pillars: Move + Nourish + Connect.



Move your body every day.

Move to feel good in your body, not to punish it or change it.

Welcome the thought shift of moving because it feels good to move. Your body is designed for it.

When we take away the shoulds and have tos, we create space for a different outlook.

So what can this look like in your life?

Maybe it’s a morning walk with the dog, a yoga class, a YouTube fitness video or a family ice-skating trip. Maybe it’s cleaning the house or actually going out shopping instead of doing it online.

Write out your detailed plan for movement each day AND plan for any obstacles that are likely to come up.

Especially during a busy time of year, we know the challenges are coming - plan for them in advance from a place of calm, not chaos.

Most importantly, remember, move to feel good in your body, not to change it.



Trust that you are the expert of your body.

You decide what, when, and how much to eat.

You don’t need to outsource that knowledge to others, diet books, celebrities or to your friend who lost 10 lbs.

Trust YOU.

You might eat a little (or a lot) more than usual these next few weeks. Guess what, it’s ok.

How about enjoying the food… without the guilt?

Can you even imagine what that looks like?

Here’s what it DOESN’T look like:

You want chocolate chip cookies.

But you know "you’re not supposed to have them", so you have apple slices instead.

But you still want cookies, so you have a yogurt and some berries to “satisfy your sweet tooth”.

By now you may be full, but you’re not satisfied, because you didn’t have the food you actually wanted.

So you scrounge around the kitchen, eat a few more random things that are decidedly NOT cookies…. until you finally give in and have 8 cookies, a stomach ache and a huge shame-fest.

Here's what it COULD look like:

You want chocolate chip cookies.

You have a few, enjoy them, and move on.

Which do you prefer?

I promise Version 2 is possible.

Putting in work toward trusting yourself is very powerful.

You don’t need to wait until January.

Start now. When it might be a little more challenging.

That’s ok! Everything is not always easy, fast and fun.

It can be challenging, AND you can do it anyway.

Even (especially!) during this time of year.



This is a challenging time for many of us.

So it’s ultra important to do something every single day that connects you to yourself.

Don’t let business, parties, family obligations and hectic schedules prevent you from checking in with yourself.

It’s from this place of internal trust that you can extend authentic connection out toward others.

I LOVE the STOP practice as a way to come back to yourself.

Stop: Physically pause your body.

Take a Breath: It can be a single mindful breath or a 10 minute breathing practice. Whatever works best in the situation.

Observe: How do you feel? Notice body sensations, the pace and depth of your breath, your pulse, any tightness in your chest, thoughts that come up etc… Curiosity is key here, not judgment.

Proceed: With a little more intention, just from this simple practice. You might continue on with whatever it was you were going to do. That’s fine! You’re laying down the foundations of trust bit by bit, reminding yourself each time that you already know the answers, you don’t need others to tell you what they are.

The more you practice, the more it becomes second nature to check IN instead of checking OUT.





Keep these 3 Pillars in mind as you move through these next few weeks.

** Move everyday.

** Trust that you are the expert of your body.

** Connect inwards first so you can connect outwards to others.

All does not have to be lost until January comes and you really “start making some changes”.

Bring awareness to your thoughts and actions NOW - when it’s most tempting to throw in the towel.

Yes, it might be challenging. That’s ok.

You can do hard things.

Growth, evolution and progress require discomfort.

You got this.

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