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The 7 Types of Rest You Need to Relax, Restore, & Energize Your Life

Ever wake up after sleeping for several uninterrupted hours and still feel exhausted?

Are you capital T-Thrilled when someone cancels the dinner you had planned.....

Or maybe you just feel so drained, like you can't even formulate coherent sentences anymore.

Turns out you need more than just a few hours of sleep at night to feel truly rested.

And we're up against A LOT.

Any of the following sound familiar?

  • I don't have time for rest, I have a million things to do!

  • I'm so stressed out, sometimes I can't even think straight

  • My mind races at night thinking of all the things I have to do the next day, didn't do today, what that girl from said to me on the bus in 8th grade....

  • I know I'm spending too much time on screens and social media, it's just hard to cut back

  • I can't say No! And them I'm burned out and overwhelmed with commitments and responsibilities

I get it... And there's hope!

Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D., author of Sacred Rest: Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Renew Your Sanity, says we need 7 different types of rest - not just nighttime sleep like so many of us think.

If your idea of rest is confined to canceling plans, scrolling social media, opening a bottle of wine, online shopping, and/or a Netflix marathon, read on to learn additional easy and effective ways to create true relaxation, ease, and rest in your life ✨




Give your body a break from physical exertion and activity.

When: You’ll know you need this rest if you wake up exhausted or you can’t keep your eyes open throughout the day.

To Do:

👉🏼 Take a nap

👉🏼 Get 7+ hours of sleep each night

👉🏼 Stretch or get a massage

Mindset Shift ✨

Remind yourself, more is not always better.

"A well-rested body is my foundation for a successful life"




Give your mind a break from constantly over-thinking, analyzing, and problem solving.

When: If you find yourself zoning out more than usual or you’re aware of very negative self-talk.

To Do:

👉🏼 Practice mindfulness or meditation

👉🏼 Write it down! Get all those thoughts out of your head and onto paper

👉🏼 Take regular breaks throughout the day

Mindset Shift ✨

"A quiet mind helps me recharge my mental energy"




Create space from intense emotions.

When: Feeling drained, after something emotionally challenging like a loss or major life change

To Do:

👉🏼 Try a Loving Kindness Meditation

👉🏼 Confide in a trusted friend or therapist

Mindset Shift ✨

Paying attention to your emotional well-being is a non-negotiable for a happy and fulfilled life.

"When I acknowledge and honor my emotions, I create peace in my life"




Reduce exposure to sensory inputs - can be challenging in our sensory-overload world.

When: You feel overwhelmed, you spend a lot of time on screens, or in a stimulating environment.

To Do:

👉🏼 Unplug! Turn off the screens and notifications

Mindset Shift ✨

Sometimes it's ok, even a necessity, to unplug for a bit.

"Moments of sensory rest provide clarity and balance in my life"




Take a break from social interactions and responsibilities.

When: You feel exhausted even thinking about doing another social thing.

To Do:

👉🏼 Get more comfortable saying ‘no’

👉🏼 Identify the ‘energy drainers’ in your life, spend less time around them

Mindset Shift ✨

There is great value in getting more comfortable being alone, and/or prioritizing time for yourself.

"I set healthy social boundaries to protect my energy and well-being"




Recharge your mind and get back in the flow.

When: You feel stuck in a rut or can’t tap into your imagination

To Do:

👉🏼 Try something new; remember it’s ok to be a beginner

👉🏼 Listen to beautiful music

Mindset Shift ✨

Stepping away from tasks can lead to fresh insights and innovative ideas.

"I respect the ebb and flow of my creative energy; I know it's part of the process."





A great question to ask yourself, especially if you find rest challenging, is:

❓ What self-imposed pressures or expectations prevent me from getting enough rest? How can I challenge these beliefs?

And then...

❓ What is one concrete step I can take TODAY to create more rest in my life?

Can't wait to hear what you come up with...

Wishing you a restful week 🤍



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