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15 Ways to Get Unstuck

Ever feel stuck?

In business, health, relationships, finances....

Like you just can't figure out how to change it up or go forward?

I got you ♥️

✨ I N S P I R E

"You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be" - Wayne Dyer

✨ R E F L E C T

Feeling stuck might sound like:

-- "I don't know what to do"

-- "I'm stuck in a rut"

-- "I'm spinning my wheels"

-- "I'm in a dead end job, relationship, situation - but I can't get out"

-- "I'm just going through the motions"

Sound familiar?

I know...

We've all been there (many right now)

Fear, frustration, uncertainty, and/or lack of direction live there

But they don't have to

Knowing you are trapped in "I don't know" energy is Step # 1

And it's wonderful because...

This awareness is the first step toward change

✨ T H R I V E

Try out one (or more) of these the next time you feel stuck

15 Ways to Get Unstuck... # 13 is Magic ✨

#1 --> Write it down; out of your head and onto paper for a different


#2 --> Move. Your. Body; shake up the physical energy

#3 --> Try something new - a recipe, workout, lunch spot, routine

#4 --> Focus on what you CAN control - your thoughts and actions

#5 --> Create a plan; write out the goal and work backwards

#6 --> Break it down into manageable steps

#7 --> Then visualize taking the next best step

#8 --> Share thoughts with a trusted friend, therapist, or coach

#9 --> Practice self-compassion; speak to yourself like a dear friend

#10 --> Take a perspective break; disconnect, take a personal day, go for a walk around the block

#11 --> Challenge negative thoughts; replace with neutral or positive ones that are believable to you

#12 --> Practice gratitude; write down 3 Good Things each day

#13 --> Create a pause - and an opportunity to see a different way

forward - with a single deep breath ✨

#14 --> Acknowledge and celebrate achievements, big and small

#15 --> Create and repeat a mantra - 'Things are changing, I am growing, I am learning' etc...

PS ~ What's your favorite way to get unstuck?

With all the love,


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