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Mind Mapping: Design Your Future

Welcome to Part II of your Mid-Year Reset!

See here for Part I; The Power of Reflection

A mid-year reset is a great way to realign with values and purpose, boost motivation, and re-energize your focus on what's important.

Because.... we all get lost in the shuffle, in the busy-ness of our lives.

We have families to take care of, online shopping to do, dinners to throw together with no rhyme or reason (scrambled eggs, blueberries, and... leftover grilled chicken it is!), work that needs to be done and/or complained about, carpools to drive, sleeping to do, and of course fitness routines to maintain (or to not do, and then feel guilty about 💃).

That's exactly why you need this mid-year reset.

Somewhere between New Year's Resolutions and Summer Vacation (or more likely, NYE and Jan 7th....) - we lose our direction; and with it goes any momentum, focus, and excitement that we might have had.

Here's a chance to come back to you.

You get to take ownership of your life, and re-confirm that you matter by making intentional decisions, and pursing what's really important.

How amazing is that?!


Enter.... Mind Mapping


I like to think of a Mind Map as a visual representation of a brainstorm.

It's a way to get clarity and organize thoughts, ideas, plans, ideas and concepts. You can also explore relationships, identify patterns, make connections, and better understand different aspects of your life.

If you consider yourself a 'visual person' this is absolutely for you.

I've used Mind Maps to effectively brainstorm for projects and programs, but never for my actual life. I was Thrilled when I read about its application for personal development and have since done several.

Mind Maps can be used for just about any sort of planning or organizing including:

  • Goal setting - great way to break down your goals into smaller, more manageable pieces

  • Decision Making - See your options, and pros/cons written out before you

  • Time Management

  • Planning out your Day (5 things that are most important today etc...)

  • Figuring out your week, month etc...

  • Creative Pursuits - Ps, this counts as one of them 😉

  • Wellness, Financial, Project, Program, Event etc... Planning

  • Figuring out a Work Life Balance

  • Career Exploration - what do I even want to do with my life?

  • Personal Development

  • Self-Reflection

I've included some (wildly creative and colorful) examples below.

** Please note, mine look nothing like this. I wish they somehow could, but alas, I possess neither the creative skill nor the inclination to spend time on that aspect. As in all things, do what works for you.


Mind Maps are often formed from 3 distinct parts:

Part I; Central Theme: What do you want to explore? A specific area of your life, a goal, a problem you want to solve?

Can be vague (My Life, 2023, Friendships, Your Name...) or more specific (Health Goals for July, Summer of Self-Care, Career Transition Summer 2023...)

Other ideas:

  • Confidence Building

  • Parenting

  • Financial Independence

  • Self-Care

  • Social Connections

  • Alone Time

  • Hobbies

  • Family

  • Overcoming Challenges

  • Energy

  • Body Image

✔️ Write your Central Theme in the center of a blank page (or use a printable!)


Part II; Key Ideas: Branch out with a few key ideas that relate to your Central Theme

✔️ Write your Key Ideas as branches from the Central Theme - I suggest 5 or fewer so it doesn't get too big/overwhelming


Part III; Details: Add in specifics (details, thoughts, To Do's etc...) for each Key Idea

✔️ This is the Good Stuff. What's important here? How are you going to make this happen, what comes up when you think of this Key Idea, what can you do right now to make this happen etc...?


Make the Most of Your Mind Map


  1. Use landscape format - it's easier to fit all your thoughts in that way

  2. Get creative! Use colorful pens, markers, stickers etc... Some people create roads, some tree branches, clouds etc...

  3. Start with a Central Theme and go from there

  4. Get inspired! Google 'Mind Maps' and a zillion images will pop up to get you going

  5. There is no right or wrong way to do it, go with what works for you

  6. Do a mini one each morning for a week

  7. Or do a Big One and keep adding to it

  8. Do one right in your journal

  9. Revisit ones you've done on the past, what still resonates? What no longer feels important?

  10. Some (more) Mind Map Ideas to get you going:

    • Do them with your kids

      • Summer Bucket List

      • Chores

      • Family Tree

    • Plan your vacation or weekend getaway

    • Holiday planning

    • Meal prep/weekly menu

    • Components of successful morning and/or evening routines

    • Personal and/or professional networking/connections

    • Plan out creative pursuits like artwork or writing

    • To Do Lists

You can do a super quick (and very effective) one in under 5 minutes, or take hours with detailed thoughts, colors etc... Do what works for you.

There are so many applications and ways to do it. You are only limited by your imagination.

Use this activity as an important way to check back in about what's important for the second half of this year.

When you know where you're going, it's so much easier to get there ✨ I will never stop saying that btw ;)

Remember, you don't have to take these opportunities to check back in, you get to.

Take advantage of them, they are invaluable.

Keep coming back to this person who wants AMAZING things for her life.

I can't wait to hear how it goes!



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