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Why You Need a Word of the Day

Want to show up in your life in a more thoughtful, intentional way?

Me too! I think we all do....

There is amazing power in living your life intentionally.

We are so used to letting our lives happen to us and then we're confused and upset when it doesn’t go well.

We are often very clear on what we didn't want to happen, but we rarely take the time to get super clear on what we do want.

Let's change that!

Take the opportunity each morning to start your day from a place of purpose and meaning, it makes all the difference. Get very clear about the day ahead; what's important, what do you want the focus to be?

Where your mind goes, energy flows

I was in a yoga class this weekend and the teacher mentioned she had been using the following 4 words as a mantra; a reminder of who she wanted to be and how she wanted to show up.

✨ Positive

✨ Confident

✨ Energized

✨ Calm

Love this! Imagine what could change if you showed up with words like this as your guiding light.

So, let's try it! Ask yourself:

✨ What do I have going on today?

✨ How do I want to show up?

✨ What feels important right now?

✨ What's inspiring me?

Are there any words that come to mind that can help you guide the day? Check out the list below for some inspiration!

Come back to your word several times throughout the day.

If your word is CALM, and you sense yourself getting worked up, overwhelmed, or have a decision to make, take a breath and remind yourself.... CALM

✨ Kids spill a full smoothie on your rug (like in our house this weekend!)? CALM

✨ In traffic and already running late to your meeting? CALM

✨ Should I do a 2 minute meditation or spend 15 scrolling social media? CALM

In this way, you keep coming back to you.

The way you purposefully want to show up in your life. You get to respond, rather than react to the events around you, and make decisions that support the person you are becoming.


The seemingly small and insignificant choices we consistently make throughout the day create our lives. Don't underestimate their power.

Write your word out on a stickie and place it somewhere you'll see it, create a reminder on your phone, journal about how and why this word is important, meditate on it etc....

Try it with your family at breakfast, or in the car on the way to school!

We create a word of the week when we go on family vacations. 'Harmony' makes a lot of appearances ;) Is pulling your sister's hair creating harmony? Is refusing to put on sunblock creating harmony? Is your incessant whining creating harmony?

If the word feels like a good fit for the bigger picture, consider using the same one for the week, month or even the year.

My word (more often than not)?

Breathe ✨

It's a great reminder to keep coming back to myself. To slow down and turn my attention inwards - a welcome, and much needed, reminder on hectic days.

Let me know which word you choose!

Have a beautiful week friends.




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It's a 15-week women's group coaching program designed to help you create awareness and MAJOR growth so you can finally live a purposeful and inspiring life.

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