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Transform Your Life With This One Tip

We often think about our habits and what we want to change and/or hold on to this time of year.


Hint! Don't worry about the outliers - the once a week wine, or the extra serving(s) of a celebratory dessert won't put you over the edge.


Focus on what you do consistently.


-- It's the every night bottle of Pinot and the 6 hours of Facebook a day that make an impact.


-- It's also the 2 min gratitude practice every night and the daily morning walk with the dog.


What does this look like in your life?





“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, it’s what we do consistently” - Tony Robbins




✨ R E F L E C T


What you practice grows stronger.

This is true of behaviors you do regularly like journaling, going to yoga, biting your nails, or cruising the fridge for an after dinner snack whether we're hungry or not.

It is also true of your thoughts and inner dialogue.

-- If you practice worrying and comparing yourself to others, those thoughts grow stronger

-- Similarly, if you practice gratitude and self-compassion, those qualities will be reinforcedAfter consistent repetition, it happens without us even realizing; it's on autopilot.


Pay attention to your routines, they create your life.


So, if you want to:

** Add more movement into your day


-- Practice getting up and moving


-- Every. Single. Day.


-- Rather than judging yourself because you don't have the same body you had 15 years ago (because... join the club )



** Heal your relationship with food


-- Practice paying attention to how different foods make you feel


-- Practice awareness, self-compassion, and mindfulness - rather than judgment, shame, and guilt



** Enhance your deep listening skills


-- Practice listening to understand, rather than listening to respond


-- Practice with others of course, AND remember to include yourself


* Side note ~ This single shift will have an immediate and positive impact on all of your relationships 


** Have deeper connection in your life


-- Practice connecting inwards and establishing a solid foundation of trust and stability, rather than always reaching outwards trying to please others and fit in


-- Challenging, and sooo worth it


-- Try 2 minutes of journaling or quiet time to get started




 T H R I V E



Try these 3 journal prompts to first understand what your consistent habits are, and then identify a single step toward changing one that doesn't align. 

✨ What am I doing consistently?


Start from waking up and go all the way through bed time 

✨ Do I like the results?


Be honest here 

✨ What is one small change I can make today to create more consistency of a desired habit?

Write it down and then do it 



 R E L A T E D P O S T S



The #1 Thing to Cultivate this Year: Hint! It's not what you think ;)


What You Practice Grows Stronger: How to start practicing the thoughts and behaviors that will get you where you want to be


How You Speak to Yourself Matters: Your self-talk is KEY to forward movement, growth, and compassion

Sending you all the love,




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