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A little about me....

So you know what you’re getting into ;)

I am a…. work in progress.

I'm a forever student. A wife and a mother of 4 incredible children & a sweet little pup called Coco. A sister, a daughter, and a friend. A maker of dinner and a (slightly compulsive) cleaner of the house. A lover of books, Sunday afternoon naps, and country music. A driver of carpools. A small business owner, a passionate yogi and a healthy mindset coach for modern (read: busy!) women who want more from their life.

With two decades of experience and extensive study in health, wellness, yogic practices, and psychology; I’ve learned that balance, a calm mind, and true joy originate from the inside.

You can live a life that is full of hope, happiness, awareness, discomfort, possibility, strength, struggle, insecurity, acceptance, joy, and everything in between.

A real, authentic, messy, imperfect life.

This life is not only possible... it's yours for the taking.

Let's get there together.

PS - learn more about me and my work HERE!

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