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"Health is a daily practice, not a 30-day diet"

Health is not about fitting into your 'skinny jeans'.

...or drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

...or even meditating a few times a week.

It goes much deeper than that.

For sure it won’t be found on a diet.

And it’s certainly not completed at the end of 30 days.

Healthy is not an 'end goal' to reach. It's fluid, changing from day to day, even hour to hour.

It’s a consistent commitment.

A constant coming back to yourself, over and over again.

Healthy might look like....

* Getting on board with whatever image is staring back when you look in the mirror.

* Challenging yourself to try new things and step out of your comfort zone; growth requires discomfort.

* Eating what, when and why YOU want to - not according to someone else's rules for what you should do.

* Taking time for yourself and making time for others in a way that feels right for your lifestyle.

* Recognizing inspiration and having the courage to act on it.

* Listening to your body and trusting the messages you receive from it.

Give yourself the gift of understanding what ‘healthy’ means and looks like in your life.

Your life today, not when you weighed 15 lbs less, when you were 10 years younger or before you had children.

Your life right now. Exactly as it is.

Once you know how ‘healthy’ shows up in your real life, you can more accurately assess how your daily thoughts and habits are affecting you - positively and negatively.

Remember, it’s what we do consistently - not once in a while - that shapes our lives.


What does ‘healthy’ look and feel like in your daily life?

  • Get as specific as you can! Think: movement, food, sleep, work/life balance, time with friends and family, self-care etc….

  • Perhaps think back on a time when you felt especially healthy - what adjectives would you use to describe the feeling - vibrant, energetic, clear-headed etc…


  • List 3 specific things you would like to continue doing.

Give yourself some props! What are you currently doing that is working for you? (ie daily walks with the dog, getting enough rest, staying in touch with friends etc...)

  • Then list 3 specific things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to help bring about more of what you want in your life. Some examples below!

  • I will move my body each day in the following ways ____.

Maybe a quick post-dinner stroll or game of tag with the kids.

  • I will check in with myself before, during and/or after eating to see how I'm feeling.

Oohhh....this is a good one! You would be surprised how infrequently we do this. Use this INTUITIVE EATING JOURNAL I created as a tool. Try for at least one day, more if you're up for it! Only you know how your body feels... we’re just not used to asking it. Awareness is power my friends!

  • I will do a social media cleanse. (One of my favs!!)

We are inundated with messages about what our bodies should look like, how much we should weigh, fad diet how-tos and filtered images of ‘real’ women. Unfollow the social media accounts that leave you feeling bad about yourself, and check out these BODY POSITIVE ACCOUNTS instead!

So, in order to find 'healthy':

  1. Get very clear on what 'healthy' looks and feels like in your own life (not your friend's, your sister’s or the woman on tv’s life, YOURS.)

  2. What is working for you - acknowledge it! Write it down and continue doing it!

  3. What steps can you try adding in to take it to the next level? Try them out and see what sticks/feels right!

Most importantly, be kind to yourself.

Nothing is ever perfect. Nor should it be!

Approaching all of this from a place of openness, love and understanding is far more effective than coming from a mindset of punishment, negativity and guilt, right?

Can’t wait to hear how it goes ~ comment below!

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